7 Amazing Eyebrow Trimmers Available In The Market

Eyes are the most beautiful part of the face, it has the eye lashes and eyebrows. Women love to change the style of the eyebrows, for this they usually go to the parlor for the threading the eyebrows, but if you have sensitive skin, then it might create some of the problem for you, it gives you redness, irritation, swelling, dark skin, so if we don’t want all type of the problems then you can go with the eyebrow trimmers, they are easy to use and you will get the shape easily on your eyebrows, here is the list of the eyebrows trimmers in the market.

1. Wahl Eyebrow Trimmer

Wahl eyebrow trimmer is a good trimmer for eyebrows, it is gentle on the skin and give you a nice smooth skin without any hair on the eyebrows, the grip is good and it has the dual blade for the perfect finish, it comes with the rechargeable batteries and lasts for about the 20 minutes and you can wash the blades also, the whole machine is waterproof, if you want set the length of the main eyebrows, then it has the comb with it for the desired length.

2. Remington NE3250 Trimmer

Remington NE3250 Nose Ear and Brow Trimmer is a perfect trimmer for the eyebrows and for the hair in the nose and ear, it has the detachable blades for this purpose, while trimming the eyebrows, you will a clear view and you can see each hair is trimming, the grip is good and you will easily get the ON and OFF button, you can also clean the blades and it is handy to travel along with your make up kit, it comes with the rechargeable AAA batteries.

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3. Panasonic Facial Trimmer

Panasonic facial trimmer is the best trimmer to remove the hair of the eyebrows and gives you the shape that you want, it has the detachable heads and you can select the desired one, the design is classy with the perfect grip, use you thumb to ON and OFF the trimmer, it is rechargeable with the removable batteries, you can bend it form the middle, it is good for the facial hair and it gives you the perfect smooth skin without any irritation on it.

4. Philips Norelco Nose Trimmer 5100

If you are taking about the trimmer, then the first name is the Philips. Philips has the range of the trimmer for the women and men. Philips Norelco Nose Trimmer 5100 trimmer is especially design to trim the tiny hair of the eyebrows, ear and nose. The blades are sharp to give you the perfect finish, it has the detachable heads and it comes with many attachments, it has the oil to clean it and it is also waterproof, it has the 2 combs especially for the eyebrows to get the desired length.

5. Conair Eyebrow Trimmer

Conair eyebrow trimmer is the good for the sensitive skin, the blade is sharp on the hair and gentle on the skin, this eyebrow trimmer has the sleek design which is silver in color, the grip is good with the ON and OFF button near to the thumb, the head is slightly bend to give you the good vision and give you the perfect shape of the eyebrows, it easily picks up the hair, it comes with the AAA rechargeable battery with the charging point, once charge gives you the perfect run of the 20 minutes.

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6. Panasonic ES2113 Trimmer

Panasonic ES2113 is the trimmer for the men and the women, the head it pointed and the blades are so sharp, even you can pick the single hair also by this trimmer, the design is so eye catching and the pink color adds the beauty of it. You can easily clean you trimmer with the help of the oil given to it. It comes with the AAA batteries with the rechargeable points. The battery lasts for about the 20 minutes, when full charged and it will take 3 hours to charge completely.

7. Westing House Ladies Trimmer

This is a sleek trimmer specially for the women to get their eyebrows in shape, the design is just like a pen, which is blue in color, you can put it inside your hand bag, it has the dual sharp blades, you can adjust the length of the trimmer and each hair can be picked up and trimmed by this trimmer, if you want to get the curved eyebrows, then this is the best trimmer for you, it comes with the battery and you can recharge it anywhere, you can use it for 25 minutes.

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