7 Amazing Purple Hair Colors Available In The Market

If you have white hair or you want to make your hair more attractive, then you normally color your hair, you have the option to make your hair in just one color or you can highlight the hair with different colors also, there are many hair colors in the market, but it is totally your choice to select the perfect color for you, but most of the women go for the purple color, because this color suits on all the outfits also plum color comes in many shades, now a days many companies are there which give you various shades of the purple colors, here is the list of the purple hair colors.

1. Loreal Paris Creme Gloss Purple Hair Color

Loreal Paris crème gloss in plum color gives you a natural look to the hair, this color is totally ammonia free and doesn’t harm your hair, all you need to apply this crème to the hair, the style you can select, now leave it for sometime and then apply the conditioner on it, the packet has quite good amount of the color in it, which lasts for many months, the color also stays for longer time.

2. Sparks Bright Hair Color Purple

If you want to color your hair and you don’t have much time to go to the saloon and color your hair, then you need something instant, sparks long lasting bright hair color helps you with it. Sparks has all the things ready in it, you need to apply it on the hair and then you need to clean it, you will get you hair easily color, the plum color of this cream is quite good and gives you shiny effect for longer period of time, it also conditioned your hair easily.

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3. Manic Panic Hair Color Cream in Purple Haze

Manic panic hair color cream has a nice purple haze color, it comes in the two form one is in the bottle and other is in box, both of them has color in it which makes your hair smooth even after coloring it, the purple color has the glittering effect it, if you want to color the strands of the hair, then you can go with the bottle as it has the spray color, but if you want to color the whole hair, then you need to cream of it.

4. Jerome Russell Punky Color In Purple

Jerome Russell punky color in purple is used most of the women, it has all in one hair color, you need to apply the color on the hair, it not only gives your hair a good amount of the purple color but also nourishes your hair, it is totally ammonia free, it will not have any harmful effect on the hair, the bottle is good and the application is also easy, it comes with the applicator brush, it makes your hair manageable.

5. Bigen Semi Permanent Purple Hair Color

Bigen semi permanent purple hair color give your hair a nice hair color, it come in many shades of the purple color, it is easy to apply, it comes in the oil form, all you need to take the color and massage the hair with it, then you need to leave it, this will give proper nourishment to the hair, it is totally herbal and has no harmful effect on the hair, you hair will look like real in the purple color with the shiny effect on it.

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6. Color Brilliance Bright Purple

Color brilliance bright purple hair color comes in tube form and it is easy to apply on the hair, all you need to select the hair strands and then you need to take out the color in the bowl and apply it on the hair with the brush, the color is totally natural with no chemical content on it. Your hair will have a layer of purple color, it has no ammonia in it which bleaches the hair and damaged them, it also nourishes the hair gently.

7. Redken Hair Makeup Color Rebel In Purple Riot

Redken Hair makeup color rebel in purple riot comes with an unique applicator, the bottle looks like a deodorant, it has a sponge on the top which has color in it. The technique is just like highlighter using to highlight the text, you just need to select the desired length of the hair, now you need to tap the hair with the sponge. It has just the color in it without any harsh chemical contents, it is handy and you can use it at any time when you want.

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