7 Amazing Therapeutic Oils For Soothing Itchy Scalp

Do you scratch on your scalp frequently? Is your scalp itchiness troubling you a lot? If your answer is yes, then you might be suffering from itchy scalp. Itchy scalp can be embarrassing especially when in the public. It leads to very uncomfortable situation as well. The factors such as dry scalp, lack of hair care, viral and fungus infections, dandruff, sebaceous cysts, poor diet and excessive anxiety can lead to the trouble of itchy scalp. This issue can be well managed with the help of amazing therapeutic oils. Let us discuss some of them in this article for soothing your itchy scalp.

1. Chamomile Oil

Chamomile oil, which is loaded with amazing beauty and health properties works great in alleviating the itchiness from your scalp as well.[1] This oil is highly known to be helpful in soothing your scalp and hair. This oil greatly aids in retracting the inflamed skin cells also. In this way, it alleviates itching scaly scalp and dandruff conditions.


2. Cedarwood Oil

This is one of the amazing oils which works wonder in giving you relief from itchy scalp. By nourishing your scalp this oil helps in reducing the problem of dandruff which is one of the causes of itchy scalp. It penetrates into your scalp and alleviates the trouble of dandruff. For achieving this, you should add some lavender oil to the cedarwood oil.[2] Give a gentle massage with these oils into your scalp for getting rid of itchy scalp.


3. Coconut Oil

Essential fatty acids and vitamins in coconut oil are very effective in nourishing and conditioning your scalp. When this amazing oil is mixed with bay oil, the results would be outstanding. Add coconut oil and bay oil in a small container.[3] Use the mixture for rubbing onto your scalp for some time. This method is highly beneficial in decreasing the itchy scalp.

Coconut Oil

4. Rosemary Oil

This amazing essential oil works wonder in easing the itchiness and dryness from your scalp. The anti-fungal properties of rosemary essential oil are very effective in alleviating the irritants on the scalp.[4] Add some drops of olive oil to the rosemary essential oil. Heat these two oils and apply on your itchy scalp. Massage your scalp with this mixture for some time.

Rosemary Oil

5. Eucalyptus Oil

Other oil that helps you in getting rid of itchy scalp is eucalyptus oil. It nourishes your hair very effectively. Eucalyptus oil helps in clearing the hair lice as well. The combination of eucalyptus oil and olive oil adds moisture to your hair.[5] Take some eucalyptus oil and add it to some olive oil. Massage your hair after applying the resultant mixture for easing the itchy scalp.

Eucalyptus Oil

6. Lavender Oil

This oil is highly suggested to those people with itchy scalp. This oil is packed with soothing properties. In fact, this oil holds some proven hair benefits.[6] Application of lavender oil on the scalp is one of the highly suggested therapeutic methods that reduce the itchiness from the scalp. In addition to this, lavender oil also helps in improving the hair growth. It also controls the hair breakage.

Lavender Oil

7. Tea Tree Oil

Bacterial and fungal infections also contribute the issue of itchy scalp. You can easily make your scalp free from fungal infection and bacteria with the help of tea tree oil.[7] This superb oil acts as a great moisturizer for the hair. Take the equal amounts of tea tree oil and coconut oil. Blend these oils together. Then, apply on your hair and leave it for twenty minutes. Then, wash your hair.

Tea Tree Oil

In addition to the above-mentioned oil remedies for the soothing itchy scalp, you should follow some general tips. Prefer taking head bath with the cold or lukewarm water. Hot water leads to the removal of moisture content in the scalp, and thus, results in itchy scalp. Do not wash your hair repeatedly. Washing the hair repeatedly strips out the natural oils in the scalp and leads to the dryness. Try to drink a lot of water for keeping your scalp hydrated.