7 Beach Accessories For An Enjoyable Summer

Beach Fashion is not just about chic bikinis and swanky sunglasses. Style your beach wardrobe with the following must-have sun smart ammunitions to protect yourself from the sun and trendy accessories to add bling to your beachwear to nail that perfect beach look!

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Here Are The 7 Beach Accessories For An Enjoyable Summer:

1. Sunscreen

While on the beach, make sure to apply a generous amount of sunscreen to your whole body every other hour for full protection against damage from the harmful UVA and UVB rays. Protecting our internal body and being the preeminent organ of our integumentary system, our skin deserves all the pampering and indulgence. Splurge your skin with some unadulterated mattefying sunscreens with a broad spectrum to combat the damaging sunrays and look flawless at the same time!

2. Sunglasses

While lounging around on the beach, protecting those beautiful eyes is imperative ! Swanky Sunglasses make one hell of a style statement while protecting your eyes from damage by the harmful UVA and UVB rays. From mirrored lenses to smart aviators and oversized goggles, pick just the right shape and style that flatters your face while also striking a dramatic attitude and style.

3. Wide Brimmed Hat

A classy hat with an exaggerated brim is another sun-smart beach accessory to team up with your two-pieces. Not only will it shield your tresses and skin from sun and keep you effortlessly cool, but it can also give you that intriguing celebrity beach vibe instantly.

4. A Beach Cover-Up

A Beach Cover-up is a pragmatic and stylish way for beach bods who prefer to keep themselves covered while lounging around or walking around on the beach. Available in myriad styles like light-weight kaftans, embellished sundresses, maxidresses and intricate crochet tunics, these cover-ups go perfectly with a swanky bikini and other beach accessories rendering an ultimate beach-holiday look. Invest in the versatile ones, which can be doubled up as street or night-out accessories with a slight tweaking around.

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5. The Summer Sandals

Choosing just the right sandals for sandy adventures , is unquestionably one of the best ways to amp up your beach style. While most of us love to catch the ocean breeze walking around barefoot on the beach, bright sandals and dainty flip-flops render that extra bit of luxury and relaxation if you are headed to a beach party or to a romatic long stretch of beach walk.

6. Tote Bags

A Tote Bag is an elegant and an ideal accessory to complement your beach ensemble, giving it a signature style. Oversized Totes with animal prints make for a quirky addition to your staple accessories for that perfect beach rendezvous. Effortless to carry, these tote bags are always in vogue and make it easy to hold your beachwear essentials, taking your beach look a notch higher.

7. Sarongs

Sarongs are impeccable accompaniments to a chic bikinis and other beachwear essentials. Made up of lightweight, breathable and supple fabric, this comfortable accessory is absolutely versatile and can be doubled up as a wrap-around skirt, a halter-neck cover-up, a scarf or a head wrap. This adaptability, makes Sarong a perfect beach essential to be stashed into your bag and toted away for a perfect beach holiday.

The above mentioned beach accessories are “THE MUST” for any beach holidays. If you are a stylish person, your visit to a beach will be incomplete without these accessories. So, don’t forget to carry them if you are planning to visit beach in a near future.

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