7 Best Ever Ayur Shampoos To Take Care Of Your Hair

Ayur is one of the popular cosmetic brands which are famous for its herbal hair care products. It has wide range of shampoos for different type of hair, hair problems and for daily hare care purposes. All of these products are made with the formulation of natural ingredients and herbs which are good for your hair.

Ayur Herbals shampoos are made with natural ingredients like coconut, Soya protein, rosemary, amla, tulsi, lemon, shikakai, orange, reetha etc. which are extremely good for hair care. As all these shampoos are made from herbal ingredients they do not have any harmful effect on your hair and provides you problem free hair in just few uses.

1. Ayur Rosemary Shampoo:

Rosemary is a very popular herb which is very important for hair care. Ayur Rosemary Shampoo came with the natural extracts of Rosemary. Rosemary extracts are just perfect for dry hair care, as it makes them smooth by moisturizing them in a natural way. It is also good for preventing fugal infections in scalp, itchy scalp problem and also provides you relief from dandruff problem. This natural shampoo gently cleanses your hair, provides nourishment with an amazing conditioning effect on your hair.

2. Amla & Shikakai With Reetha Shampoo:

Ayur herbal brings a daily hair care shampoo for all types of hair named Amla & Shikakai with Reetha Shampoo. This superb shampoo is infused with Indian Gooseberry or Amla extracts, Shikakai and Reetha extracts. Indian Gooseberry makes your hair black, prevents graying of your hair, strengthens your hair root and keeps natural shine on it. Shikakai and Reetha extracts gently clean impurities from your scalp, also from your hair. This herbal shampoo keeps your hair soft and smooth after every wash.

3. Henna Tulsi Shampoo:

Ayur Henna Tulsi Shampoo is another hair care shampoo which is suitable for lifeless and dry hair. All you know that Tulsi extracts are extremely good for our hair as it nourishes your scalp and keeps it healthy. Henna has natural conditioning properties which gently cleanses your hair shaft, conditions it and also boosts up hair growth. Henna keeps your hair smooth and also lessens hair fall problem if used regularly on your hair. So, if you are suffering from any kind of such hair problems you can go for this amazing Henna Tulsi Shampoo.

4. Soya Protein Shampoo:

Are you suffering from hair thinning and losing hair every day? Then you can go for Ayur Soya Protein Shampoo to get rid from such a hair problem. All we know that Soya proteins are extremely good for hair nourishment as it helps in building healthy hair. Daily use of this Soya Protein Shampoo provides extra body to your hair so it looks voluminous and beautiful. Not only that, it creates a protective shield on your hair to prevent physical damage and keeps it hydrated.

5. Coconut Shampoo:

Ayur Coconut shampoo came in the range of daily care shampoo which is fortified with natural coconut extracts and you can notice the coconut smell while using this shampoo. Coconut protein is so much effective for our hair as we all used to massage coconut oil in our scalp as it supplies protein to our hair which is essential for its growth. Coconut protein makes our hair healthy also the scalp and prevent flaky scalp like problems. Regular use of this Ayur Coconut Shampoo makes your hair silky smooth and repairs damaged hair in a gentle way. Use this awesome shampoo for healthy beautiful lustrous hair.

6. Lemon Shampoo:

Due to sweating and sebum secretion in our scalp the dirt particles from the atmosphere stick on our scalp easily and it is so stubborn to clean away from scalp. Ayur Lemon Shampoo is good for daily cleansing of our hair as it washes away all the dirt from your scalp and hair, removes excess sebum from scalp and thus makes oily hair less sticky. This shampoo has an amazing lemony smell which adds freshness to your hair and removes the bad smells caused by sweating in your scalp. This shampoo adds extra bounce to your hair as it came with natural orange and lemon extracts.

7. pH Balance Anti Dandruff Shampoo:

Ayur pH Balance Anti Dandruff Shampoo is one of the great anti dandruff shampoo which is made with natural ingredients. Usually market available anti dandruff shampoos are made with chemicals which are harmful for hair and some times cause damage to the hair. This herbal anti dandruff shampoo contains unique pH balance formula which maintains proper pH balance in scalp so that it does not get so dry which is the main cause of dandruff. In this way it prevents further appearance of dandruff in your hair. This shampoo assures you about healthy scalp and also washes away the flaky skins from your scalp in a gentle way.