7 Best Ever Face Masks To Get Rid Of Patchy Skin

Patchy skin on the face and body is a very common and wide spread problem women face. Who does not wish for a stunning and even toned skin? Even toned skin is simply adorable and mesmerizing. The patchy skin gets your skin look dark, dull and lifeless and steals all the blissfulness and charm from it. Due to tanning, dark under eye circles, oily and dry skin, the skin gets patchy and discomforting. If you have been looking for the masks which can get you rid of the patchy skin and have failed, here are 7 amazing and high impact masks for your patchy skin which would make it even toned by fighting various skin issues and impairments.

Below Are The Face Masks To Get Rid Of Patchy Skin:

1. Peach Honey Mask

Peach is filled with ingredients which would get you amazing skin. Peach pulp reduces pigmented and patchy skin making it look flawless and gorgeous. Mix some peach pulp and honey and create a thick paste. Now apply it on the entire face. Rinse with Luke warm water and see the results soon within fewer applications. Peach and honey would fight all the pores, dark and dull skin to get you flawless and stunning skin.


2. Fuller’s Earth And Yogurt

Fuller’s earth has magical properties which heals and treats every skin issues. Accompanied with yogurt, this amazing ingredient would make your skin glowing and patch free. Yogurt has deep cleansing properties and fuller’s earth makes the skin fairer and adorable which as a blend creates amazing results. Apply the mixture of fuller’s earth and yogurt and get flawless skin within few uses.


3. Tomato Juice Olive Oil

Tomatoes are rich with vitamins, acidic properties and ingredients which are extremely beneficial in removing dark patches and pigmentation. Mix it olive oil and we assure you would love the outcomes of this amazing pack. Tomato juice and olive oil mask would get you of the dark under eye circles, patchy and pigmented skin and would give great results while smoothening your skin.


4. Potato Lemon Juice Mask

Potatoes are the best natural ingredients to remove dark and patchy skin. Especially under eyes, women place potatoes slices to remove the dark skin. You can use crushed potatoes or potato juice and lemon juice mixture which is a stunning combination of two essential ingredients for fighting dark and patchy skin. These ingredients would cleanse your pores, rough and pigmented skin and would smoothen it.

Potato and Lemon Juice mask for Hair Fall and Dandruff

5. Yogurt Mask

Yogurt is an amazing natural remedy for skin issues. It’s amazing anti fungal, antibacterial and skin cleansing properties makes it in this list. Apply yogurt on your skin and we assure the results would be awesome. Use yogurt mask once a week and you would notice your skin getting supple, tighter and even toned.


6. Rose Water Sandalwood

Rosewater and sandalwood powder is a divine combination which never fails to work on skin. Previously, women used to bath with rose water and sandalwood powder to get amazingly blissful and desirable skin. Mix rose water and sandalwood powder and apply it on your entire face. Frequent usage of this mask would get you beautiful even toned skin, adorable and mesmerizing!

Sandalwood Mask With Rose Water

7. Turmeric Powder, Chickpea Flour And Milk Mask

These are the traditional ingredients used to remove dark and pigmented skin since decades. The herbal properties of this mask would never fail to get you astonishing skin. Mix turmeric powder, chickpea flour and milk and apply it on your entire face. This amazing mask would get you the skin you ever wished for!

Chickpea Flour with Milk and Turmeric