7 Best Hair Loss Lotions And Oil Available In Market

To look attractive we need a perfect body, each and every part of the body should be perfect and in shape, face is the most important part of the body and hair gives them an amazing look but in the present scenario due to stress, improper diet, no exercise, give us the problems of the hair loss, but now this problem can be easily solved as there are many hair loss lotions and the oils are available in the market that can solved the hair loss problems, here is the list of some of them.

1. Kaya Hair Health Gel

Kaya hair health gel is special formulated gel lotion, that is enriched with goodness of powerful herb such as hiniscus, ginkgobiloba and saw palmetto, that helps in promoting hair growth, control hair loss, provides adequate amount of mineral to your hair and make your hair stronger from root to tip. This hair gel comes in white color metal bottle with pump dispenser cap and it has green thin gel like consistency, that is very easily penetrate to your hair skin with mild cooling effect on scalp and makes your hair soft, nourish and healthy.

2. Dexe Anti Hair Loss Lotion

Dexe anti-hair loss lotion is combination of day lotion and night lotion, that is made with herbal extracts, such as gitea tree oilnger extracts, panax notoginseng extracts, ginger, cacumen biotae extract and especially designed for people who are suffer from hair loss problem. It helps in nourshing your scalp and hair, balance moisture level, control inching, activate hair follicles and make the hair regrow. This anti hair loss lotion is very safe and suitable for all kind of hair, apply this lotion to the surface of your scalp twice a day, massage gently to over come with baldness and hair loss.

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3. Tvam Henna Anti Hairfall Oil

Tvam henna anti hairfall oil is nourshing hair oil that are enriched with powerful ingredients such as gooseberry, bhringraj, henna, fenugreek, belliric myobalan, olive oil, jojoba oil, wheat germ oil and sesame oil that helps in nourshing your hair from deep, stimulates hair follicles, reduce baldness,  prevent hair fall and strengthen your hair. The packaging of this oil is simple and classy as it comes glass bottle with pump cap. Apply this anti hair fall tonic onto your scalp daily, massage gently with finger for 2 minutes, keep it over night then shampooing your hair.

4. Lass Natural IHt 9 Anti Hair Loss Therapy Hair Oil

Lass natural IHt 9 anti hair loss therapy hair oil is herbal nourishing anti hair loss oil, that is made with blend powerful herb and oil such as extract of aloeo vera, bacopa monnieri, saw palmetto, apricot kernel oil, jojoba oil, saga oil, olive oil and soya oil, that help in improving blood supply, nourishes hair roots or hair follicles, reduce baldness and stimulate hair growth. The packaging of this hair oil is fancy, as it comes in very nice white color bottle which is very handy and travel friendly. This anti hair loss oil does not contain any harsh chemical and free from mineral oil.

5. Himalaya Anti Hair Loss Lotion

Himalaya anti hair loss lotion is hair fall controlling lotion that helps in promoting hair growth, controlling hair fall, increasing volume as well as hair density and improve tensile strength of your hair with 2 week of its usage. This anti hair loss lotion itself is light yellow in color with pungent smell which comes in inverted tube with flip flop cap and the consistency of this lotion is semi thick and suitable of all type of hair. This lotion is enriched with extract of butea gum tree and climbing butea that stimulates active phase of your hair growth along with strengthen your hair from root.

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6. Bio Hair Care Lotion Growth Simulator With Garlic Extract

Bio hair care lotion is a non sticky growth stimulating lotion, that comes with its unique formula, as it is especially  formulated with natural ingredients such as extract of allium sativa, organic extract and garlic, that help in providing beneficial antioxidant to your hair, effective in reducing hair baldness, improving hair growth and manage your hair with ease. This hair lotion comes in glass small bottle with all detail of its ingredients printed on it along with dropper lid. It also contains vitamin E and mineral in it, that stimulates blood circulation in your scalp that accelerate hair reproduction.

7. Dove Elixir Hair Fall Rescue Hair Oil

Dove elixir hair fall rescue hair oil is used to give strength to the weaken scalp of the hair, it also rejuvenates the cells of the damaged scalps and helps in promoting the hair growth, you need to gently massage the scalps with this oil and then leave it for 2 to 3 times.

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