7 Best Ingredients To Buff Your Skin

Buffing your skin is equally important as buffing your face. No one really takes care of the skin like they do for the face. Having a smooth healthy skin is as important as a healthy smooth face. There are many body scrubs available in the market that you can buy, but if you don’t want to splurge on those cosmetic products and want to go all natural then there are many natural ingredients you can use and you can easily find them at your home as well. Most of the body scrubs that you buy from the market might be ingested with some chemicals and sometimes they might even harm the body. Therefore the best way to buff your body is by going natural.

There are many different natural ingredients you can use to make your body smooth and get rid of the dead cells. It is very important to make the skin look pretty and the natural sheen is the best you can do to your skin. Buying body polishes from the market are expensive and are sometimes bad for your skin. Also, these polishes are temporary. Rather than using that, you must opt for a natural ingredient that you can use and get a permanent smooth and shiny body. There are many natural things that you can use.

Mentioned Below Are The 7 Best Ingredients To Buff You Skin:

1. Brown Sugar

This is one of the best things to buff your skin and use it on your skin. To make a better scrub you can mix it with olive oil and it will give a smooth and shiny texture to your skin. Apply this on your skin to buff away the dead skin.


2. Coffee Powder

Coffee is said to be one of the best scrubs you can use on your body. The grounded coffee mixed with olive oil and when applied on your body makes it soft and removes all the dead skin cells.


3. Sea Salt

This is another thing you can use to buff your skin. The sea salt when mixed with almond oil makes a very good scrub. The almond oil will nourish the skin and make it healthy and soft.


4. Honey

Honey as many great properties and you can use it to exfoliate your skin. It will help in removing all the dead cells and will make the skin look healthy and soft.


5. Salt

This is one of the easily available natural ingredients that you can use to buff your skin. Add salt in your regular body wash or the scrub and it will help in removing all the dead cells.


6. Cinnamon

This acts as body polish when mixed with honey. It will also help in removing all the dead cells from the body making it look healthy and smooth. The properties of cinnamon are really good and are very effective on the skin.


7. White Sugar

Use the white sugar with lemon on your skin and it will remove all the dead cells from your skin and it will make it smooth and soft. It is also used as a skin lightening polish. A lot of people who have tanned their skin uses this scrub as it nourishes the skin and makes it look healthy and soft.


Buffing is very important in terms of cleaning your skin. Most of us ignore buffing our skin or we are not aware of this magical technique. So, try them out and see the difference.