7 Best Makeup Tips For Different Lip Shapes


Your lips are a very important feature of your face. The makeup of lips plays a crucial role in defining your overall look. The right make up can offer a very attractive definition to your face. The problem here is that lips can be of different types. Therefore, a kind of lip make up that is working great on your friend may look quite unflattering on you. So, you must study your lips first and then choose the right make up strategy accordingly. Following are some of the most effective tips and tricks to make your lips look more attractive depending upon its specific type.

1. Small Lips

Small lips can look great on some women, but if you do not like them to be small and want to make it look plumper and more attractive, you should apply softer and brighter lip colors. Dark lip colors will make your lips look much smaller. To make them look more attractive, you should consider adding fullness to them by applying glossy, frosty and shimmery lipstick formulas.

2. Overlarge Lips

If you do not apply the right makeup, overlarge lips may look a little odd on your face because they tend to dominate the entire face. A good strategy is to apply a kind of make-up that should shift the attention from your overlarge lips to other more attractive parts on your face. For instance, you can do this by highlighting a cheek area or doing a heavy smokey eye while maintaining nude lips. You can also make your overlarge lips look more attractive by choosing softer lip colors. Darker lip colors will make them look more prominent, which you probably do not want.

3. Thin Lips

If you have thin lips, you should go for a makeup idea that should give your lips more dimension. You can make your thin lips look absolutely stunning by applying a softer lip color to the upper lip, darker lips color to the lower lip, and then, blending it all together with a clean lip brush. To make it look more attractive, apply gentle curving lines a little outside your natural lips. Then smudge it softly. You can also use frosted colors to give your lips a plumper look. But, avoid lip gloss.

4. Flat Lips

Flat lips are the lips with no dimension. Avoid dark lip colors for flat lips because such colors will make them look flatter and smaller. Softer, lighter lip colors are best for this type of lips. A good idea is to apply the same color all over your lips, and then, to make your lips plumper in appearance, apply a shimmery highlighter to the center of both your lower and upper lips. Alternatively, you can choose to go for ombre lip effects. You can achieve a gorgeous ombre lip effect by applying a dark lip color to fill the outer corner of your natural lips, and then, by filling the center of both your lower and upper lips with a bright, soft color. Another great idea is to go for frosty and shimmery lip formulas because such make up formulas will also add a plumping and fullness effect to your otherwise flat lips.

5. Uneven Lips

Uneven lips are those lips, where the size and shape of the lower and upper lip do not match well. The best make up trick for such lips is to outline the upper lip using a lip pencil in such a way that both corners of the upper lip should match up. Repeat the same procedure for the lower lip. Once you have done that, you can achieve a natural finish and eliminate all hard or rough edges by applying a very light hand to smudge the lip liner. You have to be very careful while you do this. The objective is to blend the colors well so that they look natural and attractive. Doing it with a heavy hand can destroy all your efforts.

6. Bottom Heavy Lips

Bottom heavy lips already look very pretty. You can make them look much more attractive by using a simple trick. Use same lip color (soft or dark both are fine) on both your lower and upper lip. It will even out the bottom heavy appearance of your lips. Then, you can achieve a fuller, even and balanced look by applying a creamy nude matte eye shadow or dabbing a white pencil at the center of only the upper lip. Also, a common feature in bottom heavy lips is that the upper lip is often not as full as the lower lip. If that is the case with you, you can give a fuller effect to both your lips by using a slightly thicker lip liner on your upper lip. To create more balance, you can use a lip pencil and further build up the curve of your upper lip.

7. Top Heavy Lips

The simplest make up trick for top heavy lips is to use a dark-toned lip color. This will make your lips look in a more attractive shape. Another trick is to fill your lips just inside the natural line by using a lip pencil, and then, finish it off using lipstick. You can achieve a fuller, balanced and even look for your lips by applying the same lip color on both lower and upper lip, and then, by applying a dab of white pencil to the center of only the lower lip. You can also line your both lower and upper lips from the center to the outside following the natural shape of your lips. Once you have done that, apply a slightly bright dark tone lipstick on the upper lip and a bright but slightly less dark tone lipstick on the lower lip. This will make your top heavy lips look more even and in an attractive shape.

Overall, before you try the above make up tips to make your lips more attractive, you must first study your lips carefully and know what kind of lips you have. If you know your lips well, you can easily choose the right type of make up for them.