7 Best Sunglasses For Every Face Shape This Summer

Sunglasses become very important to us especially during summers. Sunglasses are protective eyewear that helps in saving your eyes from the harmful effects of the sun. in fact they not only protect your eyes from the sun but also from the harmful dirt, pollution you are exposed to these days. However, these protective glasses have become a fashion trend these days. And there are many variants available in the market in order to cater the needs of the customers. Some variants include the size of the frame, color of the lenses, specifications of the lenses. Here is a list of seven types of sunglasses that will help you look stylish and also protect your eyes from the harmful ultra violet rays of the sun.

Here Are The 7 Best Sunglasses For Every Face Shape This Summer:

1. Aviators

These are a style of sunglasses whose lenses are convex so that maximum amount of light can be prevented from entering the eyes. These types of glasses can be used by both men and women. The lenses come in various colors such as blue, black, brown and many other colors. If you have a square shaped face then aviators are just perfect to balance your sharp features. Aviators are available in almost every brand starting from Ray-ban to Tommy Hilfiger.


2. Shield

These are best to ensure complete protection of the eyes from the sun as they completely cover the eyes and are perfect for a long day in sun.


3. Wayfarers

These are the most traditional sunglasses as they are in trend from 1950’s. They are capable to maintain this trend because they suit every face shape whereas many other types of sunglasses are restricted to particular face shapes. They are also made available by every brand starting from Ray-ban to Philippe and Rockford. They are also available with lenses of different colors.


4. Butterfly

Usually the large sized sunglasses are called butterfly sunglasses. These are very much present in the recent fashion trends. They suit faces which are long and have sharp features. People with oval shaped faces can also use this type of sunglasses to enhance their features and look stylish. Choice is absolutely not limited the manufacturers come up with exclusive detailing and fresh designs that help you stay fashionable and stylish. The brands involved in making butterfly shaped glasses start from Ray-Ban to Allen Solly.


5. Wrap

Wrap around eyewear is particularly suitable for men. These type o sunglasses usually deliver a sporty look. It can be used by people having oval, diamond shaped faces. The design of these sunglasses can help you get a panoramic type view. The complete cover of the frame can help in blocking the UV rays completely. The plastic frame used is very limited as it covers very less portion. The lenses used in these type of sunglasses come in various colors which have their respective significance. Wrap sunglasses are manufactured by every brand in this industry starting from Gucci to Prada.


6. Square

These type of sunglasses can be used by both men and women. These type of glasses offer a modern and trendy look. The use of these sunglasses usually complement people with round faces as it completely enhances their features and makes them look stylish.


7. Rectangular Shaped Glasses

The frame of the lens is wider then they come under rectangle sunglasses category. These glasses are used to add length to short length faces and complement round and oval shaped faces.

Rectangular shaped glasses