7 Best Tips To Apply Makeup On Oily Skin

Oily skin is extremely tricky and hectic when it comes to makeup. The ladies with oily skin often have the complaints regarding the sustainability and long lastingness of the makeup. Also the after problems of makeup are huge. Pimples, acne, itchy skin etc makes the skin even more oily and uneasy. The skin gets more irritated and the makeup doesn’t completely blend and last on the oily skin.

Especially during summers, the skin gets oilier and the idea of applying makeup gets you in trouble! If you too are having extremely oily sin and face the same problems, here are some extremely useful and significant suggestions and tips which would help you get natural, beautiful and attractive makeup. Following these tips would help you in getting proper and adequate makeup which would last long.

Below Are The 7 Best Tips To Apply Makeup On Oily Skin:

1. Apply A Suitable Base On Your Skin After Washing

Wash your face thoroughly with cold water. Tap it dry completely. Now apply a perfect base to your face. You can use primer to get a stable and effective base for makeup application. These primers would help the makeup to settle well on your skin. Try the primers especially available for oily skin which would not let the oily skin generate more sweating on the face. Choose the correct primer and apply a thin and perfect base to your face.


2. Apply Foundation

Foundation for oily skin needs to be correctly chosen. Usually foundations make the skin stickier and oily thus, you must select a powder based foundation if you have extremely oily skin. If you still love the water based foundation, try the mild ones which are not extremely glossy and have a rough and matte finish. This would help in getting an amazing glittering shine on your face and would keep your skin dry and fresh.


3. Use Face Powders And Compaq

Using Compaq Is a great idea for ladies having oily skin. The Compaq removes all the oiliness of the skin while hindering the skin from producing more oil and sweat. You can also use face powders to get rid of the sweating and oiliness. Apply the face powder thoroughly on the entire face. From the forehead to the neck evenly apply powder to get dry skin. Also use less shiny and glossy makeup products which can result into extreme oiliness.


4. Use Matte Blushes

Love those amazing blushy and pinky cheeks? Not to worry as there are amazing blushes available especially for oily skin which makes the oily skin look glamorous, glossy and stylish. Use the matte blushes which would showcase roughness and shine on your cheeks. The glossy and cream based bushes make the oily skin look more oily and sweaty. You can use this trick to get perfect pink cheeks with amazing shine.


5. Try Using Mineral Makeup

Heard about it? Mineral based makeup are generally developed from the essential minerals which helps in getting amazing shine of the makeup and keeps the skin extremely health and glorious. The makeup products stops sweating and oiliness and gives a dry, shiny and ultra glamorous look on the oily skin.


6. Apply Less Layers Of Makeup

Just a layer or two of makeup on the oily skin is enough. Do not pile your skin from layers of foundations, concealers, Compaq etc. Just apply a single layer of makeup such as a foundation and blush. The more simple the makeup is, the more effective it would look on the oily skin.


7. Remove The Makeup With Oil Free Remover

The removers are also available in various types. You can use this amazing tip of removing the makeup by using an oil free makeup remover. It is very important to select the right makeup removers as the oil based removers can make the skin more oily which can in turn cause pimples and such problems. Thus use light and oil free makeup remover.