7 Best Yoga Poses For Detoxification

Yoga is not only a part of the culture of Indians but it has also become an integral part of the lifestyle of most of the individuals who all are fitness concerned. With all those fitness commercials and boost of Yoga these days, more and more individuals are including the habit of Yoga to their daily routine and lifestyle. No matter how good our day to day nutrition is, one thing that always manages to seep into our body and that are none other than harsh toxins. Not getting rid of them can actually lead to many health aids such as skin problem & damage to the functionality of internal organs. It is therefore very important to flush out all these toxins from our body and there is no better natural way than yoga to remove toxins from our body. Include these 7 Yoga poses in your daily exercise routine to get the most of it:

1. Neck Rotation:

Starting from the simplest, this neck rotating yoga pose is actually a great one to remove all those harsh chemicals and toxins from your body and that too in a complete natural way. All you have to do is to stand bare foot in a comfortable position and start rotating your head in a slow to moderate speed and in a clockwise direction. Make sure that you inhale when your head is closer to your chest and exhale when your head is in the opposite direction.

2. Breathing Technique:

Health should always be the prime concern and health should be considered more as an asset and thus nurturing it from time to time should be taken care of & one of the best yoga poses is Kapal Bhaati. Sit in a cross legged position and make sure that you are comfortable in it. Kapal Bhaati is all about inhaling and exhaling deeply while stretching your abdomen. Start with doing it for 10 times and you can do 3-4 cycles of it daily.

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3. Shoulder Rotation:

Just as the first yoga pose, this pose also require you to stand bare foot and in a comfortable position. All you have to do now is to rotate your shoulder (either left one or right one) in a clockwise direction and then in anticlockwise direction. Repeat the same for the other shoulder and you are good to go.

4. Leg Stretching:

Bend your right leg at the knee in the forward direction and stretch your left leg in the opposite direction, this simple yoga pose not only detoxify your body but also helps in deeply cleansing it. Make sure that your hands are also stretched and stay intact in a straight angle with respect to each other.

5. Twisting:

Include this posture in your daily Yoga routine and take a step more towards detoxification. Stand with a distance of about 50cm between both your legs and bend towards one of your leg. Make your right hand touch your left leg and the left hand touch the right leg.

6. Twisting With Leg Closed:

This one is just like the one above it, just with a minute details changed. While standing, keep both of your legs together and bend your body at your knees and keep staying in this position for a couple of minutes.

7. Reclining Hero Pose:

Lay down on a yoga mat with an elevation above the area of your hips. Use pillows for the elevation. Bend your legs and fold them inside. This posture also helps in the digestion.

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