7 Chic Hoodies To Look Trendy During Winter Season

Selecting an outfit during winter season can be quite challenging. Most women struggle to decide what to put on to stay warm and also look fashionable while doing it. There is one clothing item that can solve your winter fashion problems. We’re referring to hoodies, the ultimate clothing item for icy, chilly winter days. Hoodies have been all the rage for the past few years. The reason is simple, they look incredibly chic. Moreover, they can be styled with a variety of outfits. Be it a dark-washed pair of jeans or a stylish midi skirt, hoodies look great with anything and everything. That is why, we have zeroed in on seven chic hoodies that will help you look trendy during chilly winter season. These super stylish hoodies will help you look dapper all winter long. And most importantly these versatile hoodies come in extremely handy when a gust of wind blows in your direction, it helps you cover your head and your ears. You get to be comfortable and warm without having to sacrifice your fashion quotient.

Here Are The 7 Chic Hoodies To Look Trendy During Winter Season:

1. Hooded Denim Jacket

Hooded denim jackets have managed to earn some serious street cred in the past few years. This particular type of hoodie will never go out of style and will help you stay at the top of your style game even when the temperature is dropping. It has become a must-own fashion essential that looks equal parts subtle and glamorous. Team it with black pants or distressed denim or don it with a strapless dress to look like a fashionista, the choice is completely yours to make.

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2. Hooded Poncho

Over the past few years, a hooded poncho has become an essential festival style staple. Even at the fashion weeks, it has managed to dominate winter outerwear. Since winter fashion is all about layering, it becomes extremely convenient to opt for it under a loose fit hooded poncho. Team it with a skirt or a maxi dress to make your outfit look interesting. and contrary to public belief, this type of poncho does not just look hippie but looks incredibly trendy. You can increase the glam quotient of any outfit by teaming it with a hooded poncho.

3. Hooded Cardigan

A hooded cardigan is the ultimate go-to hoodie to keep your fashion game on point and, most importantly, stay warm during winter season. The plus point of this chic hoodie is that it works for just about any occasion and can go well with any kind of outfit. Team it with an outfit and you can effortlessly make your way from office to a friend’s party by staying warm and looking elegantly stylish.

4. Hooded Trench Coat

Hooded trench coats have been making waves in the fashion industry for the past few years. Be it the runway models or street style fashion experts, everyone seems to be in love with this incredibly chic hoodie. Team it with an ordinary outfit to make it visually interesting and glamorous. Moreover, this winter staple clothing item would keep you warm even on an icy cold day. Pair it with a simple pair of jeans and ankle-length boots to look like an absolute diva even during winter season.

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5. Hooded Sweatshirt

It goes without saying that a hooded sweatshirt is one clothing item that can be easily found in most people’s wardrobe. Sporting a classic hooded sweatshirt not only helps you embrace the cold but also look equal parts chic and trendy. This is one hoodie that will always stay trendy, mainly because it looks incredibly cool and is also functional.

6. Hooded Windcheater

If there is icy windchill blowing then a trendy hooded windcheater can protect you from the gust of wind and also ensure that your style game stays on point. Light-weight and available in a wide range of fabric, design and pattern. Other than going well with several dresses and skirts, a hooded windcheater also gives you the option to go for layering. Team it with a pair of boyfriend jeans and snow boots to look effortlessly classy during winter season.

7. Hooded Leather Jacket

The last trendy hoodie on the list is super classy and will help you slay winter fashion. Be it a rock concert or just a day out with friends, a hooded leather jacket will keep winter chills at bay and make sure that you look superbly stylish even when the temperature continues to drop. These types of hoodies are available in different fits, you can get a loose fit or a tight fit hooded leather jacket.

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