7 Chic Midi Dresses To Suit Different Body Types

Midi dresses are a rage this season and you can find them in a variety of styles and shapes. There are the classic body con midi dresses that accentuate and hug your figure and then there are also the flowy variations that give you the flexibility to enjoy a bit more space, especially if you are still carrying the holiday weight. So here are some awesome midi dresses and styles that will suit your body type.

Below Are The 7 Chic Midi Dresses To Suit Different Body Types:

1. For Petite Women

If you are petite and have a slim silhouette then it makes sense to opt for a midi dress style that compliments your body shape and style. Usually these women can pull off any style. In particular, for formal occasions you can go for something that has longer sleeves and in a single colour. Doing so helps to accentuate your petite figure and compliment the right curves too.

2. Apple Shaped Women

If you have a slightly broader middle body, especially carrying a lot of weight around your waistline and the chest, then you are apple shaped. Such women should opt for midi dress styles that would create a camouflage around these areas. What happens here is that you are able to still show off your longer legs by opting for a length that is below the knees and yet not that low. So this way you are able to look slimmer and also hide your problem areas without trying too hard.

3. Hourglass Figure

This is a style of dress that really compliments women with an hour glass figure. Being the perfect shape, there is nothing for them to hide. So they can pull off anything from a body con to even a regular fitted midi. But what really suits them best would have to be the overall print. Especially something like the polka dots that is really difficult to carry off in mind dresses really peps up their style. It has also been seen that with these women you can opt for a more flared cut around the waist as the right curves are accentuated.

4. Pear-Shaped Women

Pear shaped women can try out from a variety of dresses to suit their style. Also, one added advantage here is that midi dresses are the perfect way to enhance their curves and hide the upper legs, which tends to be heavier for these women. This is one of the most common kinds of body shapes around and to make sure that you maximise the right areas, the midi length is best suited. For this dress type, you can opt for multiple cuts or style. The flowy fabrics like chiffon really suit this style well. Alongside, you can also consider other alternatives like going for off-shoulders and sleeveless too. Being thinner on the upper body area, the focus should be to highlight the upper body. Something with a belt works really too because you are able to compliment your thinner areas and thus draw away the attention from problematic zones.

5. Plus-Size And Round Shape Women

Those who are slightly more on the curvier side on the entire body would be happy to know that the midi dress length is perfect to make them look slimmer. Usually these women have curvier or heavier legs and bottoms and thus this dress style shields the attention from those zones. Besides all of this you can opt for cuts that take attention away from the midzone, which is the heaviest. The trick here is to opt for a single colour, preferably a deeper shade that helps in making you seem taller and also slimmer. Think of cuts that are flattering and highlight your collar bones. The asymmetrical drapes or free-flowing cuts really suit this style the best.

6. For Shorter Women

If you have a slightly smaller stature, then the wrong midi dress style can make you look even more smaller considering their length. So it is advised that you opt for a slightly shorter length on the dress. Also, consider your options for stripes or similar designs that create a longer silhouette. It is best to opt for vertical stripes that elongate your frame. Also, think of using colour block in a sensible way so that you are able to make your body type appear taller than usual.

7. Square Shaped Women

Such women tend to have very well defined shoulders but the rest of the body is rather flat and lacks curves. So here curves are created through the flow of the dress. Think of fabrics like georgette or chiffon that adds to the curves. Also, lace on the shoulders is suggested to make them look softer and more feminine, especially since these women are usually muscular. Along with this, a deep neck and some ruches around the waist gives an overall curvier appearance for midi dresses too.