7 Classic Prints That Are Always In Style

Fashion designers bring new concepts in every Fashion Week runways. They always try to invent new cuts and prints in dresses with original graphic patterns. The wide range starts from marijuana leaves to pineapples, cigarette butt, and surrealist faces. But there are specific prints which never get scraped like, floral, polka dots, stripes, animal prints and plaid. Therefore, fashion designers use these classic prints in the innovative dress design. They push these classic prints in modern fashionable dresses into the wardrobe.

Let’s Focus On The 7 Classic Prints That Are Always In Fashion:

1. Polka Dots

Polka Dots are the most common and classic print. This print is all time hit. Now fashion designers are using this print in different clothing to give a look of vintage as well as modern. In these days polka dots are used in multi –colour with glittery effect in sheer cloths. The print was celebrated in the event called Minnie Rocks the Dots. Olivia Culpo attended this occasion wearing white polka dots on the elegant black suit. May be the print is old-fashioned but the idea of a suit makes this print unique and of course beautiful.

2. Animal Print

Animal prints express power and liveliness. The animal print has always remained a hit collection in fashion. It is popular especially among the young group of people. But people love to wear animal prints in their leisure time. So this print never stays out of the fashion. The print of dogs foot print or python sleeves or tiger face or skin of tiger or birds are the most shared designs.

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3. Stripes

Stripes are another classic print that remains in fashion. But designers change the concept. They are using the stripes in women’s suit to dresses. The stripes can be vertical or horizontal. The colour combination can be changed according to the dress and the choice of the fashion designer. The stripes look good on trousers and a blazer, short and long dresses, jackets, pleated skirt, tops.

4. Plaid

Plaid is all time hit in fashion trends. Whether the plaid is on the shirt under the blazer or in a long dress or in the skirt or in the top it always tries to change the style through the colour, pattern, material and style. Plaid is now used in various styles. Moreover it is still popular among the people.

5. Floral

The floral print is meant for girls. Beautiful flowers in different colours make the dress glamorous. A floral design can be incorporated in skirts, long dress, tops. It can be colourful or in the same colour. This print is now used wide ranges of fashion trends. Delicate flowers with various colours really create a feminine unique style of fashion.

6. Military

From World War 2 to now military clothing is on the hit list. People love to wear this print. Girls and boys everyone loves to wear. It can be in pants, shirt or top, or skirt or in a blazer. The military print is totally hit in the market and in style even in today.

7. By-Colour Print

This contrast print is hit and remains in style. The most common is black and white. It is incorporated in dresses, skirts, pants, tops, shirts. Many celebrities love to wear by- colour print. By –colour print is very much in fashion. Designers love the combination of black and white.

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