7 Coffin Nail Art Ideas

Coffin nails are trendy and absolutely new nail shape. It got popularity from Instagram and instantly got an acceptance among girls. These are lean, long and with straight tip. Its name derives from its coffin like shape. It is tough to shape and maintain but looks really sexy. It will be bliss if you can do some delightful nail art on it. Nail art is very cool kind of fashion trend that you can try.

There have many prompt ideas to decorate the coffin nails with art work. We can provide you few extremely astonishing nail art works. Go through the article.

Here Are The 7 Coffin Nail Art Ideas:

1. Neutral Coating With Gold Glitter

Glitter gives an extraordinary sparkly look to the nails. But it is necessary to make an eye-catching design on the nails. If you are trying any new nail art then try with nude nails. Polish a neutral colour coating on the nails and then design the nails with glitters. Make different designs on nails.

2. Matte Nails With Glossy Stone

Matte nails IN the trend every time. Select an amazing matte for your nails. Matte will provide you a spectacular look to the nails. Now design it with stones. Make it as gorgeous as you can. Select a dark matte finish nail coating and attach light stones on it. You can select the base matte colour according to your dress to make it more gorgeous.

3. Glitter Finishing

This nail art is very simple and easy to design. You can say this “OMG! Why I didn’t try it earlier?” This is the nail art you can try on nude nails. Coat a neutral coating and then apply the gold glitter only on the tips for better look. It looks fine with any dress and time in the day.

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4. Matching With Watch

You can do the nail art just like your favourite watch. Well, Pairing is always fun and it will look lovely if you do it with the watch. Funny right, design nails with three colours and golden touch at the tip. Keep two nails in base colour to create the magic look. It will look good when you will wear it with the watch or without the watch. The nail art will speak about your young fresh mind.

5. Dark Sexy Nail Art

The combination of maroon and black is ravishingly sexy. It can spice up your night party. This design suits women. But it is absolutely fine if you willing to do it on your prom night. Colour your nails with matte maroon and leave only ring finger. Make the ring finger with black and design it with black stone. The nails will look really striking with maroon dress.

6. Dazzling Black

Paint your nails with matte black. Your nails will be gorgeous even if the finishing is matte. Then design it with stones and gold sparks. The nails will be ready for rocking your dating. Don’t forget to wear the black dress with it to make it more dark and beautiful.

7. Rainbow On Black

The rainbow is always in our favourite list. Do some funky magic with your nails. Paint your nails with glossy black and then design it with rainbow colour. Finish it with a glitter coating. Absolutely Sparling rainbow nails are ready. It is perfect for a night out. We must say people will be jealous for your artistic nails.

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