7 Cute Flat Ironed Hairstyles For Women

Nowadays women are not only fitness concerned but also style conscious. They try to make themselves fit and at the same time try to find ways to make themselves look gorgeous. Hair plays a vital part in making oneself beautiful and attractive. There are various hairstyles that women look after and flat iron hairstyle is one of them. If you want to have that kind of a hairstyle, continue reading and you will know about some of the ways of flat iron hairstyles.

Below Are The 7 Cute Flat Ironed Hairstyles For Women:

1. Bold And Bright

If you want to have a trendy and edgy look during your office or evening gathering this is the best hairstyle that you can adopt. It is quite simple to have this style. After you have shampooed and conditioned your hair apply a cream to smoothen your hair. Dry the hair and smooth your hair using a flat iron. You can finish the look of yours with a drop of oil to your hair. This style is best suited for women who have a face which is heart and diamond like in shape.

2. Beachy Waves

Women who want to have instant wavy hair can try this style. It is quite simple to have this style. You have to divide your dry hair into two inch strands and make braids of each of them. Using your flat iron you have to just squeeze each braid. As the braided section cools you have to run your hand through them and apply a spray of sea salt to have the wavy hair that you always wished to have.

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3. Bouncy Curls

As you master your flat iron tool you are ready to have the curls in your hair that will make you more beautiful. You need to clamp the flat iron at the top of your hair and then turning the tool 90 degrees you need to pull in down your hair. Amazing isn’t it? You now have a bouncing curly hair.

4. Bouncy Blowout

This style is similar to curls but not exactly same. The procedure is also simple. The style is such that the bottom of your hair will be bouncy with curls where the upper hair is somewhat straight. You need to use your flat iron from about three inches from the bottom of your hair and then turn it 90 degrees and pull it down your hair.

5. Side Swept Bangs

If you do not like your hair style anymore you can try this one. The flat iron of yours will be of great help to you. The way to have this style is also simple. You can have it just by straightening your dry hair to the roots and separating the bangs to the side.

6. Blond Lob

If you have a round face and is thinking what hair style to adore making yourself attractive then this is the one that you can adopt. You just have to apply cream to your damp hair and straighten it using your comb. Now you have to blow your hair dry and use the flat iron to have the style completed. You can be at your evening party wearing a hair band or sparkling clips and make yourself the most adored.

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7. Copper Curls

If you want to draw attraction then this curls will help you to have it. It best suits if you have an oval face. For having this style you need to damp your hair and dry your hair using a blower at high temperature but low speed and then using your flat iron you can complete the fashion.

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