7 Designer Shoe Trends For Summer Of 2022

Shoes are a girl’s best friend much alike their love for diamonds at any given day and what best to splurge a little bit on the various kinds of shapes available than keeping the money secured in the bank account! With the designer shoe brands coming out with their latest summer or spring collection for the year 2016, it is time for you to know the latest shoe trends too!

Some Of The Designer Shoe Trends For Summer Or Spring 2016 For Women Are Discussed Below:

1. Sneakers

Sneakers have always found takers in the women shoe market and the trend showcase just that with classic shapes and monochrome sneakers taking a peek into the runways. From the likes of Ralph Lauren to Alexander Wand, Calvin Klein to Tommy Hilfiger, sneakers are strong this summer or spring season beyond doubt!

2. The Block Heels

In case you are wondering about what exactly we mean by this, check the image to extract that the shoes that are currently in trend are totally new in terms of look, shape and hardware. It is a new generation of shoe wear taking shape for better.

3. The Mexican Mix

In case you are in love with shoes with a hell lot of texture, layers and color all at the same time, these shoes might take your fancy in the days to come. These ones are a welcome change to the classic Mexican footwear where all the design houses are attempting a high end design look.

4. The Silver Craze

Silver footwear is all over the place this summer and spring season with all the major fashion houses trying their best to bring silver shoes back into trend this year. Try wearing silver footwear wherever you can and look stunning and gorgeous!

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5. The Boots Reinvented

Designer shoe houses have made it a point to gift the spring and summer shoe trend 2016 a twist for better where the boots are given special treatment where they are engraved with western elements all over them. With various textures, colors, shapes and what not used on the long front boots, it is but important to pay heed to this trend for sure.

6. Sliding Your Legs In

Slide- in footwear are again something that has made a huge comeback this season and seems to have taken the runways of spring or summer 2016 footwear shows to a great extent. Starting from the brands like Givenchy, Gucci, Balenciaga, and Oscar de la Renta, all are speaking aloud of heeled and flat slip-ons in grand shapes and colors!

7. Flat Forms On The Go!

In case you are worried about your height and want to sport a heel comfortably rather than wearing a pointed heel, the flat forms have been brought into fashion once again by the designer houses. From different textures and edges this season, all of the major fashion brands like Dres Van Noten, Versace, Rag & Bone, Michael Kors to many more have brought in various style to this foot wear trend for you to shine in.These shoes are said to be pocket friendly and are easy to maintain.

Shoes styles and trends keep changing with the each passing year. With the more involvement in fashion, you can choose best out the latest fashion trends. With so many footwear trends on the offer this season, which one would you opt for?

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