7 DIY Amazing Natural Lip Mask Pigmented Lips

Girls, you’re going to be madly in love with your pink, gorgeous and soft Lips after using these amazing masks with natural ingredients. Here we are presenting some delicious, not so expensive and completely natural lip masks that will make you fall in with your softy lips daily! Be free, now you don’t have to bother about caring a lip balm, lipstick or sticky lip gloss everywhere and make you lip covered from getting it ruined and pigmented whether it is a party or outdoor picnic or may be casual day out. Make people get crazy thinking about your beautiful lips, just by spending few minutes on it!

1. Lemon And Coconut Oil Mask

If you have hyper pigmentation and dull skin over your lips, what can work better than lemon juice on the lips? Lemon juice is such a cool ingredient which can bleach your lips and fight dark spots. Also if you have rough and flaky skin on your lips, this amazing mixture would get you super smooth and bright lips. Mix these ingredients and massage your lips with it and get flawless results!

Lemon And Coconut Oil Mask

2. Rose Water And Beetroot Mask

Beetroot is considered as a magical ingredient which can get your skin a divine glow! Considering the dry and pigmented lips, this awesome ingredient would surely work miracles on your lips and make it smooth as never before. Mix some rose water and beetroot juice and apply this natural smoothening mixture on your skin. Soon your lips would become pink and soft with each application!

3. Sugar And Olive Oil Mask

If you want a nourishing and skin softening ingredient combination which can also fight pigmentation, here is an iconic mixture which you would love to apply on your lips. Sugar is a hydrating agent which would make your lips soft and smooth while olive oil would fight the pigmentation and flaky skin. This is such a nourishing combination you must try for gorgeous lips!

Sugar And Olive Oil Mask

4. Coconut Milk And Olive Oil Mask

Coconut milk is one of the most amazing ingredients which can brighten up the skin. When used with olive oil, this mask can make your skin bright and super smooth. The mixture of coconut milk and olive oil would simply fight dark and pigmented lips and get you flawless pink lips soon! Go for this amazing mask and get a blushy pout!

5. Rose Petals And Honey Mask

Honey is an ultimate smoothening agent which can make your lips smooth and soft with each application. Mix some honey and crushed flower petals and apply this divine mask on your lips. The smoothness of rose water and glory of honey would make your lips look beautifully kissable!

Rose Petals And Honey Mask

6. Aloe Vera And Raspberry Mask

Aloe Vera gel is a natural herbal ingredient which can fight dark skin and pigmentation in no time. While raspberries are refreshing and skin plumping ingredients which would simply make your lips look pink, bright and youthful. For fuller and super smooth lips, you need to try this adorable lip mask and we assure, you would love the results!

7. Papaya And Cranberry Mask

Papayas are the ultimate dark skin fighting fruits. The enzymes and anti oxidants in this super fruit would simply fight pigmentation and make your lips look bright a beautiful. Mix some papayas with cranberry juice with that pink and blissful glow on your lips. This is a [promising mask you can try for gorgeous lips!

Papaya And Cranberry Mask