7 DIY Red Lentil Face Scrubs For Gleaming Complexion

We all are taught to use the natural resources and ingredients to take care of our health. This applies to our skin as well. They say that food products that you eat can put it on your face. Strange right? Not really. Our diet consist of various fruits, vegetables, dairy products and oils. We have been using these ingredients in various homemade beauty remedies. So why not include lentils now ? must be wondering how ? We are using chickpea flour and gram flour in our face masks as well as in scrubs. Similarly you can use other lentils as well. Here we would suggest you to try Red Lentils. I am sure few of you must be using it in face masks. But here we would share with you the recipes of face scrubs of using grounded red lentil.

1. Red Lentil With Sandalwood Powder Face Scrub

Take three tablespoons of coarsely grounded red lentil, one teaspoon of Sandalwood powder, one teaspoon of dried orange peel powder and two tablespoons of raw milk. Blend it well to get a thick scrub paste. Start scrubbing your face gently with this mixture for few minutes. Continuous usage of this scrub would help to get rid of facial hair gradually.

2. Red Lentil With Almond Face Scrub

Soak handful of almond in the water over night. Peel it off and grind coarsely without adding water. Add three tablespoons of grounded Red lentil and two tablespoons of fresh milk to it to get the desired consistency. Use this paste to scrub your face. It can be used on your body as well.

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3. Red Lentil With Chickpea Flour Face Scrub

Get glowing skin with this simple and natural scrub. Blend two tablespoons of Red Lentil powder, two tablespoons of Chickpea flour and two tablespoons of pure honey. Apply this on your face and body. Start scrubbing in circular motion for at least 5 minutes to get rid of dead skin.

4. Red Lentil With Clarified Butter Face Scrub

Nourish your skin with this simple remedy. Make a thick scrub using four tablespoon of coarsely grounded Red Lentil with two tablespoons of Clarified butter. Massage your face and scrub with this scrub and rinse with warm water to experience the softer and glowing skin.

5. Red Lentil With Aloe Vera Gel Face Scrub

Soak One Tablespoon of Red Lentil in water over night. Grind coarsely in the morning. Do not add water while grinding it. Add one tablespoon of Fresh Aloe Vera gel and one teaspoon of fresh ginger juice. You should get a thicker scrub. Use it on your face to remove the impurities and hydrate your skin naturally.

6. Red Lentil With Cucumber Face Scrub

This is a scrub cum mask which is beneficial for acne prone and oily skin. Take One tablespoon of Grounded Red Lentil, one tablespoon of Black gram powder, one teaspoon of dried orange peel powder and required quantity of Cucumber juice to make a paste. Prepare a scrub by mixing these ingredients and put it on your face. Use lighter strokes to massage your face for 2 minutes. Wait for another 5 minutes before washing off with water.

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7. Red Lentil With Glycerin Face Scrub

If you have a dry skin then this scrub would help to instantly hydrate it and remove the dead skin cells. Soak a tablespoon of Red Lentil in water for few hours and grind it to get a thick paste. Now add a teaspoon of sweet almond oil, one teaspoon of glycerin and a teaspoon of rose water. Use this mixture to get rid of dry skin patches and nourish your skin.

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