7 DIY Skin Care Tricks You Can Do With Turmeric

Turmeric, the golden spice is an essential ingredient of most of the face packs and of other skin care remedies. This spice helps to treat skin problems and enhance the beauty. Turmeric has been used since ancient times for various beauty purposes. It is well known for its anti-inflammatory and antiseptic properties. It contains Vitamin B6, Vitamin C, calcium, magnesium and potassium that helps in building collagen and maintaining the elasticity and tautness of the skin. By using turmeric regularly, skin becomes healthy and moisturized. It also helps in the removal of dead skin cells and formation of new cells. There are various DIY tricks you can do with turmeric to get a youthful and radiant skin.

Following Are Some Best Turmeric Tricks To Get Rid Of Skin Problems:

1. Turmeric And Milk

Turmeric helps to keep skin moisturized when used with milk. If your skin is dry and lacks moisture, make a paste with turmeric and milk and apply it on you dry skin. After some time, rinse off the mask with normal water to get moisturized skin. You can do it once or twice a week.

Turmeric And Milk

2. Turmeric And Water

Turmeric is an effective ingredient to treat acne problem. You just need to make a turmeric paste using normal water and apply it on the affected area. Keep the paste for about 15 minutes and then wash with normal water. You will have to use it regularly to get rid of acne forever.

Turmeric And Water

3. Turmeric And Milk Powder

Turmeric and milk powder, when mixed together, becomes an effective remedy to treat skin damage due to dryness. You need to mix turmeric and milk powder in equal quantities and add a little water to make a fine paste. Now apply it on the affected area and rinse with normal water after ten minutes.

Turmeric And Milk Powder

4. Turmeric And Rice Flour

If you have started to notice wrinkles on your skin, you can get rid of them using this simple turmeric DIY recipe. You just need to make a paste of turmeric and rice flour using tomato juice. You can also add a little amount of milk to make your skin moisturized. Apply the paste on your skin and rinse with lukewarm water after half an hour.

Turmeric And Rice Flour

5. Turmeric And Chickpea Flour

Turmeric is also used for to exfoliate skin and remove dirt and dead cells from it. To exfoliate your skin, you need to add chickpea flour to turmeric and make a paste with raw milk. Apply the paste on your affected area and wash with lukewarm water after ten minutes.

Turmeric And Chickpea Flour

6. Turmeric, Milk, And Honey

Turmeric is also useful to reduce the size of pores on your skin. You need to add milk and honey to turmeric to make a thick paste and apply it on the pores. Rinse after half an hour with lukewarm water. The paste is very effective to reduce the size of enlarged and big pores.

Turmeric, Milk, And Honey

7. Turmeric And Gram Flour

To get glowing and radiant skin, turmeric is very beneficial. You need to take an equal amount of turmeric and gram flour and make a paste by adding raw milk into it. Apply the paste on your skin and scrub gently for some time. Wash off the skin after the pack becomes dry with normal water. You can apply the paste twice or thrice a week to get glowing skin instantly.

Turmeric And Gram Flour