7 Effective Lower Ab Workout For Women

Every woman aspires for a flat tummy. Flat tummies give women the perfect shape making them flaunt the same with pride. Women lose their control over flat tummy particularly after giving birth to a child or two. Despite taking serious efforts many women fail to get back to their original shape they were in before marriage or child birth. Actually converting the excess flab into fabulous shape is easier when exercises that focus on the Ab muscles are done regularly. Here are some tips to get a flat tummy through effective lower Ab workouts for women who want to flaunt their shape in all occasions.

Here Are The 7 Effective Lower Ab Workout For Women:

1. Warm Up Your Abs

Lying flat on your back, raise your knees placing your foot firm on the floor. Keeping your hands clenched behind your head, bend your chin towards your chest while breathing in simultaneously. Breathing out, life your body from the floor towards your knees. Revert to the starting position. Repeating this exercise eight times at a stretch burns belly fat effectively.

Warm up your Abs

2. Roll Up

Lying down flat on the floor, bend your knees keeping your feet firm on the ground. Lift your upper body from the floor stretching both the hands in a straight line on the air. Breathe in while lifting the body and breathe out when your body is half way through the lifted up position. Breathe in and come back to earlier position. Repeating this ten times would help reduce the Ab fat over a period of time.

Roll up

3. Leg Drop To Drop Ab Fat

Lie down with your back flat on the ground and hands stretched by your side. Without lifting the hips, raise both legs to form a straight line and inhale so the Ab muscles get tightened up. When lowering the legs ensure you breathe out. Before your feet touch the ground while lowering the legs, inhale. Repeat this exercise ten times at a stretch to avail the maximum benefit out of the same.

Leg drop to drop Ab fat

4. Leg Scissors Lift

Lie down firmly on your back on the floor. Without lifting your hip, lift your legs alternatively away from the floor. While lifting the legs, lift the shoulders also away from the floor, with your hands aside in the air in a slightly lifted position. Doing this ten times at a stretch helps a lot in reducing flab in the lower abdomen.

Leg Scissors Lift

5. Twist Your Torso

Keeping your legs together lie down to your right side. Twist your upper body to the fullest possible extent without changing your leg position and with hands stretched on both the sides. Do this the same way on the other side. Repeat as many times as possible at a stretch to get the maximum benefit for a reduced Abs.

Twist your Torso

6. Hang In A Leg Raise Position

Keeping the back erect and flexing your butts, hang on a bar with the bent hands in shoulder width. Gradually lift both legs till they are parallel to the floor. Slowly bring your legs down. Do this five to six times at a stretch to reduce abs.

Hang in a Leg raise position

7. Bicycle Crunch Your Abs

Lying down straight on the back, lift your right leg making the thigh come as near as possible to the abs. Touch the knee with the hand knee twisting the top portion of your body in the opposite direction of the leg. Change legs alternatively and repeat as many times as possible.

Bicycle crunch your Abs