7 Effective Yoga Exercises To Gain Weight

Yoga is considered as one of the bets and powerful workout options due to a reason! The workout has solutions for all the issues human beings face. We have a set of yoga poses for all the bodily issues which can get battles with yoga! Though we wonder are there even people who are not able to gain weight, the truth is that there is a huge population which from which there are women, children and youngsters who are not able to gain proper weight. Just as being overweight can make the body look unattractive, the people with extreme low weight can also look unattractive. The personality and charm fades away with inadequate weight! If you are too suffering from weight gain issues, here are some yoga pose which can help you gain weight!

1. Cobra Pose

This is one of the beneficial poses which can target your digestive system leading to more hunger. With this workout, your digestive system becomes active and the speed of digestion increases. Also it boosts your appetite and makes you feel craved for various foods. If you are looking for a cool pose which can make you feel hungry, try this yoga pose and all your hunger issues would banish, gain eight and look picture perfect!

2. Corpse Pose

This is a relaxing pose which can help you to gain weight quickly. It helps your body to calm down and sooth. While you feel relaxed and stable, all your senses and digestive system gets steady. The nutrients from the food you consume are absorbed and thus, you would gain eight easily!

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3. Adamintine Pose

This is the workout or poses which people perform after eating. This pose helps in enhancing the digestive system and also makes you feel satisfied altogether! If you have hunger issues and do not feel the appetite, here is the pose which you must perform after every meal to digest the food and let your body absorb all the nutrients easily!

4. Fish Pose

Matsyasana is a magical pose which can fight the hunger issues and improve digestion while making you gain little eight and feel energetic. It balances the working of the thyroid gland and thus reduces the effect which can cause weight loss! Go for matsyasana which is the most beneficial and high impact pose for gaining weight!

5. Wind-Relieving Pose

The position of this yoga pose signifies how better it is for your digestive system, when your legs are raised and bend towards your abdomen; it applies pressure and makes your digestive system more active. Weight loss is caused reduce to imbalance in the thyroid glands and absorption of nutrients. This pose repairs it all and helps you gain weight quickly!

6. Warrior 2 Pose

This is a relaxing and calming pose which can boost your digestive system and increase your appetite. It also helps in burning calories which would affect the loss of energy and increased cravings for food. Go for this iconic workout and feel the hunger! You would feel hungry and due to the healthy digestive system you will gain weight!

7. Shoulder Stand

If you are the master of stability and power, here is a yoga pose which would boost hunger and make you feel energetic. This pose helps in getting muscle mass and also aids the effects of thyroid glands on your body! Go for this asana and battle the hunger issues. You will surely feel energetic and would gain weight after constantly following this workout!

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