7 Effective Yoga Poses For Muscle Building

Women fitness has been put aside for a while now until it was promoted by various women related campaigns and websites. Being fit is not gender related but is required for both the genders. Being in a perfect body built is not related to being a gym member and doing extensive work routines but it can be very well achieved just with a couple of simple yoga routines. The remarkable advantages that these yoga work outs provides is that they are so easy to do at home. You don’t need to head towards a gym or to your trainer after an exhausting day which often makes you reluctant to be in a routine but you can simply do it yourself at your home (preferably in morning). Ensure yourself not to procrastinate and follow the routine for at least 2 months to see amazing benefits in your body shape and fitness. This article will guide you with 7 effective yoga poses for muscle building for women. Read along with us:

1. Tree Pose Yoga:

As you might have noticed about trees branching out in different directions, the same posture you have to maintain for the Tree Yoga posture. Stand with both your feet 8 inches apart from each other. Place your left feet against your right leg in a 90 degree angle and maintain it for a while so that the whole weight of your body is only on one of your leg; the right one. Bend your left leg correctly in a 45 degree angle but make sure that it does not strain your legs. Breathe in and breathe out slowly and relax after a couple of minutes.

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2. Cobra Pose Yoga:

This one is actually an easy do it yourself yoga pose to build your body in a perfect shape. This pose targets your back and strengthens its muscle to make it stiff which is very much required for a perfect body built for all women. Lay on a comfortable yoga matt and relax for a while and make sure that both your feet are at least 8 inches apart from each other. Place your fist on the matt and breathe in while push yourself away from the matt through your arms. Hold the position for a while and return to your original position.

3. Triangle Pose Yoga:

Stand bare foot on ground, grass or on your yoga matt if you are at home. This is a basic exercise that you might have done before in your school’s PT sessions. While standing, make sure that you keep a distance of at least 10 inches between both your feet. Tilt yourself towards your left leg and touch tour left leg with your right hand, hold this position for a while and do it similarly for your right leg. This yoga pose is very much doable and build perfect mass in your hip area.

4. Shoulder Stand Yoga:

Again this one is a yoga pose that you might have tried as a child in your childhood. Lay comfortably on a yoga mattress and relax for a couple of seconds before starting off. Pull back up both of your feet sticking with each other and try to maintain a perfect right angle straining your shoulder area a little. Hold this position for a while and return to your original posture as you started.

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5. Plank Pose Yoga:

You would need your running shoes for this yoga pose. Lay down on your yoga mattress as you would do and lay down with your front body part to your matt. This pose requires you to place your hands bent at your elbows and push yourself away from the floor with your feet in a tip toed push up style manner (just as you would do while performing regular push ups).

6. Deeply Breathing In And Out:

This article focuses on muscle building and one of the main areas to focus for that is to eliminate excess fat that is there in your body. This exercise of deeply breathing in and out not only clears out your respiration system but also makes you eliminate those extra pounds from your body. Sit on a comfortable yoga matt with your lgs crosses and simple breathe in and out for a couple of times.

7. Running Yoga:

You can simply do it at your home but it is always preferable to step out of your home and do running exercises in a park near to your house. Put on your running shoes and run for a mile everyday to be a fit person inside and out and also to get rid of those extra fat balls present in your body.

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