7 Essential Tips To Gain Weight For Underweight Females

Being underweight does not only diminish how the people look but it may also be a reason for undermining your personality. It is not difficult to gain weight at any stage in your life but to gain it by using healthy methods is something that you will have to work upon and be punctual about your habits. Being underweight has its cons such as regular diseases which a normal person might not attain so easily and to add on, the increase in the medicine intake isn’t that good either as it leads to harm the immune system. Psychologically, being underweight can lead a person to go into depression. Furthermore, the death rate gets higher for one who is an underweight. Let us see some key ways by which you can gain but at the same time not get fat as well.

Here Are The 7 Essential Tips To Gain Weight For Underweight Females:

1. Add Healthy Calories

Calories have become a subject too often when we talk about our health.[1] Too much calorie intake can be harmful but adding healthy calories to your body will serve your purpose quite correctly. Consume almonds, whole grain wheat or fruits for that matter.

Keep A Healthy Diet

2. Mini Meals

Eating more frequently can boost your metabolism and this would add for more hunger with each passing day. An underweight person may have a low appetite which is full by having a small meal, instead of that; try to consider having 4-5 meals a day which may not be very heavy. This keeps your stomach full while you eat more, thereby adding chances of gaining weight.

Mini meals

3. Nutrient Rich Foods

Nothing new here. Eating nutrient rich food will not only give you the perfect ingredients required by your body but will also help you gain food.[3] For an underweight, starch and fat are the foods that are targeted. Thus, consume potatoes, pastas, bread, dairy products, meat and etc.

Nutrient Rich Foods

4. Water Consumption

Water doesn’t only help you survive thirst but it has a lot of advantages for you skinny people. Water helps in digestion and accumulates all the water soluble fat which could be a reason for you to gain mass. The better the digestion, the better the amount of food you can intake next. Try to drink a bottle of water before having a meal.

Low water Intake

5. Milk And Meat

Milk and Meat have been since the evolution of mankind. The high protein containing products are best for people who are underweight. Proteins are the major nutrient required by the body. Milk on the other hand is also known as complete food as it has most of the nutrients available in it. For gaining muscles, the very basic element required is proteins.

Milk and Meat

6. Sleep

Most of you need not be told about the importance of a good sleep. A person should try and completing 7-9 hours of slumber every day. While you sleep, your body rests and you need to give your stomach a break as it needs to rejuvenate as well. Avoid eating anything at least 4 hours before sleeping. It would be difficult for the stomach to digest food while other parts are resting thereby increasing fat accumulation around your body and that is definitely not healthy.

Get a good night’s sleep

7. Avoid Cardio

Though cardio is good for exercising burning calories, it may not solve your purpose here. Aerobics and cardio help in reducing muscle content by burning calories extensively. Once or twice a week it could be adopted but regularly, it should be avoided by a person looking to increase his weight. Instead try weightlifting as discussed to gain muscles.

Do acute Cardio at least three to four times in a week