7 Eye-Catching First Date Dress Ideas For Girls

Going out on your first date? A blind date, a coffee date or a romantic date, whatever it is, the date is important because it might turn into the love of your life. So, making an impression on the day by looking presentable and stylish is what every girl looks forward to. However, most of the time, girls are so much excited that they get confused about what they want to wear, if you are facing the same issue, then this post would be helpful for you. We have few superb ideas about what you can wear on your first date to look ravishing, have a look.

Here Are The First Date Dress Ideas for Girls:

1. Lace

Lace is girl’s best friend to look elegant, feminine, cute, hot and chic at the same time. Be it a romantic dinner date or a casual date, lace is such a versatile dress that you can team it up with any fashion accessory and will never go wrong. Be it a high heel or flats, a denim jacket or fancy jewelry, all will go well with the dress.

2. Neutral Colors

Do not think a nude or neutral color is only for the classic brides because those are colors that can make you look classy and super chic on your first date. A cool neutral colored dress paired with high heels and minimally styled hair and makeup will make you look super cool and very hot at the same time.

3. Red

Want to look sexy, flirty, confident and stylish on your first date? Then a red dress is what you should wear without any second thoughts. The color represents glamour and will catch your partner’s eyes without fail. If you think a plain red dress is too formal and loud, pair it up with a casual khaki or denim jacket or a striped shrug jacket to look sporty and chic.

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4. One Shoulder

Looking for something to look very special and sophisticated on your first dress and make a lasting impression, then a one shoulder dress is something that will be prefect to make you look classy, very urbane and flattering. Instead of the regular black or blue, choose a bright yellow or mustard to look bright, fresh and trendy.

5. Prints

Meeting for lunch on a bright sunny day, then it is time to play with the prints. An airy, printed dress or a super chic printed top paired with a pair of hot pants will look great. You can give a casual spin to the floral outfit with flat ankle boots. Also, focus on your accessories. Pair the prints with handmade jewelry to look classy like super cute boho girl.

6. Belted Dress

You don’t know where your partner is taking you on the first date? Well, then you may be in a dilemma, as you don’t want to be overdressed or underdressed. In that case, you can go for a loose-fitting dress and pair it with a belt that defines your waist. This look is ultra-flattering and pulls the entire look together.

7. Little Black Dress

The little black dress is the most iconic and timeless fashion that never goes out of style. However, make sure that it’s not just any black dress that is accessorized in old way. The way you accessorize the dress says a lot about you. Don’t go for all black look (choker, eyeliner, stockings, bag, shoes etc.), as some men might find it intimidating and too severe look. A flirty hoop-earrings or a colorful bag will say ‘I’m confident, approachable and fun to be with.

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