7 Eyebrow Powder Available In The Market

When we are grooming our self, then we care each and everything about our dress, we use the products on the face like the lipsticks, foundation, eye liners, eye shadows, we do the waxing and many more, but we forget about one thing, that one thing is the eye brows, we just make the proper shape and leave it as it is, but it looks so ugly on your face, that your eyebrows are mismatching, there are gray hair, no hair, so we need to fill it, for this we need to go with the eyebrows powder, here is the list of eyebrows powder available in the market.

1. Freedom Duo Eye Brow Powder

Freedom duo eye brow powder has the range of the colors that comes in the powder form, so you can choose as per your skin tone and the make up color, it has the dual colors, the dark color is to fill the area on the eyebrows where there are no hair and then apply the light shade on the whole eyebrow, it is easy to apply because it comes with the nice brush, the packaging the so classy and easy to carry, it has the mirror in it.

2. MIB Eyebrow Powder

MIB eyebrow powder is a dual tone powder, that gives your eyebrows the perfect color and the look, the shades comes in many dual color and they are packaged in the two different case with the mirror installed in it, if you don’t have the good eyebrow growth, then this is the best powder. You can design your eyebrows and the color is smudge free and long lasting, even when you are sweating.

3. NYX Cosmetic Eyebrow Cake Powder

NYX is a trusted brand of the world. NYX cosmetic eyebrow cake powder, comes with the dual tone color and you can select the color as per your skin tone, it has the brush and the spoolie. Spoolie use to give the shape to the eyebrows and by the brush you can fill the no hair area with the dark cake powder and apply the light shade to all the eyebrows, one stroke is good, you can also draw artificial eyebrow by it. It gives you a smudge free look for about the 5 hours.

4. Essence Eyebrow Stylist Set

Essence eyebrow stylist set has the beautiful glass top, it is easy to carry and the brush comes with it so good and the application of it is also so easy on the eyebrows, it covers each hair of the eyebrow and also if you have pointed or curved eyebrows, then this is also the best one, it has the dual tone color, one is of the dark shade and other is the light shade, if you have full eyebrows, then you need to apply the light shade and if you have the gray or white hair, then you need to first apply the dark shade and then apply the light shade on it.

5. Palladio Cosmetic Eyebrow Face Powder

Palladio cosmetic eyebrow has the 3 different shades of the powder to match with your skin tone and the foundation color, it is so small and a mirror is installed in it, that allow you to apply it anytime and anywhere, this is best for the women who have less eyebrow growth, the powder sticks to the skin and looks like real eyebrows, the brush is small with the proper grip and especially design for the size of the eyebrows, it gives a smudge free for about the 5 hours.

6. Milani Brow Fix Powder Kit

Milani brow fix is good for your eyebrows, it not only gives shape to the eyebrows but also makes it pigmented. If the eyebrows are fuzzy, then you can apply this product on it, it comes in 3 different color with dual tones and that suit to all types of the skin tone. It has 2 brush in different sizes, you can fill the no area part with the suitable dark color and lighten the whole eyebrow with the other shade, the color is natural and smudge free for about the 6 hours.

7. Clinique Eyebrow Shaper

Clinique is used by most of the women, who want to give shape to their eyebrow because of the less growth of the eyebrows. The packaging is eye catching and it looks like a small box, the brush in the kit is designed to get the perfect eyebrows. It comes in the 4 different colors, it is used especially to fill the gap between the eyebrows, it gives you a smudge free shape to the eyebrows for 6 hours.