7 Fun Ways To Work With Graphic Tees


The age of liberation is here, be it expressing on the social media or wearing your emotions fashionably. Being sassy with graphic tees is a trend that is catching up with fashion influencers and style bloggers alike. We have come up with some exciting ways of pairing up your verbal tees with voguish accessories that will escalate your style quotient.

Below Are The 7 Fun Ways To Pair Graphic Tees:

1. Graphic Tee With Denim And Leather Jacket

Denim is immortal and leather jacket never goes out of style, pair a funky tee with them and you have got that killer style. Minimize on the accessories, wear subtle footwear and you are ready to rock any day, whether a party or afternoon brunch.

Graphic Tee With Denim And Leather Jacket

2. Graphic Tee With Slit Skirt

Want to get flirty and naughty, a perfect summer outfit that carries well for a date or a fun outing. Pair the tee with a floral slit skirt, laced up heels, sunglasses, and oversized tote bag. The look is famous for street style fashion. This mode of fashion is serious envy during fashion week and the paparazzi seem to love it.

Graphic Tee With Slit Skirt

3. Graphic Tee With Maxi Skirt

Going for a business meeting, but also feel like dressing up a bit? Fret not because you can wear a maxi skirt with a graphic tee and still look business chic. Carry a pair of reading glasses and sleek leather bag to complete your work look. A silk scarf over the shoulder will compliment the ensemble perfectly.

Graphic Tee With Maxi Skirt

4. Graphic Tee With Pencil Skirt

Monday blues at work cannot stop you from looking gorgeous, wear a pretty floral pencil skirt with a tucked in graphic tee to beat those blues. Going out for dinner after work? Simple just add a knot to the tee and voila! You can hit the town with your colleagues getting envious of your style. A stunning twist will be wearing a metallic pencil skirt with the tee, ideal for nights at the club.

Graphic Tee With Pencil Skirt

5. Graphic Tee With Leather

A leather skirt or pant goes well with a graphic tee, gives it the edgy Goth look. To create a wild enough look add long animal print jacket to the ensemble. Highlight the eye makeup, wear ankle strapped high heels, and leave your hair open. With a leather pant one can tuck the tee in and wear ankle boots. A scarf around the neck will accentuate the outfit. This polished style is ideal for a night out during winter.

Graphic Tee With Leather

6. Graphic Tee With Shorts

Summer calls for shorts and graphic tees, styled with a pair of sunglasses and flats. Ideal for picnics, gathering with friends, date nights, movie nights, and music concerts. If you want the more sophisticated look, then pair it with a structured jacket and carry an attractive executive bag. This touch of feminine elegance is ideal for business brunches and company excursions.

Graphic Tee With Shorts

7. Graphic Tee With Blazer

This style can be stolen from men, sorry boys but why you should have all the fun! A graphic tee paired with a blazer is chic, urban, and modern. You can wear a skirt or jeans below to compliment the look. Carry a stylish bag and wear high heels, wear a statement piece for jewelry. This look is ideal for formal meetings and functions.

Graphic Tee With Blazer

Try the above mentioned styling ideas and enhance your personality using your imagination and creativity.