7 Genius Hacks For Easy Beachy Hair

Hair styles make a woman look gorgeous and stunning. There are different types of occasions that demand different types of hair styles. Typically the hair style that goes in well for one occasion may not suit another. Women who are very beauty conscious tend to wear different hair styles for the various occasions to shine out in the crowd. Unique hairstyles become fashion every other day while history many a times gets repeated too. Plaiting the hair will suit certain type of gatherings and leaving the hair loose will go in with a different type of gathering. The trend of the day is to leave the hair to freely flow making it gorgeous and wavy. However, to get such beachy waves time and effort required is on the high side which typically doesn’t suit the younger generation. We present here some genius hacks for getting easy beachy hair.

Here Are The 7 Genius Hacks For Easy Beachy Hair:

1. Give A Messy Look

Messy hair that looks like a beach wave is different from frizzy looking hair. While drying the hair with towels make the hair frizzy, drying the same with a cotton T-Shirt gives the hair a beachy wavy look. This is because unlike towels, cotton T-Shirts does not cause friction which turns the hair frizzy.

Give a messy look

2. Salt Spray Your Hair Roots

Divide your hair into sections and treat them with salt spray in such a patient manner that every strand of your hair get salt sprayed. This causes the waviness while Frizziness is avoided due to the moisture created due to salt spraying.

Salt spray your hair roots

3. Drying The Hair With Hands

Drying your wet hair with your fingers instead of using any equipment will make your hair wavier than any other method. This natural way retains the already prevailing waviness in your hair bringing out its original texture in an emphatic visible manner.

Drying the hair with hands

4. Mousses Help

Mousses help get those lovely curls in your hair. Avoid emptying cans and cans of Mousse since it may only damage the hair. Spray Mousse only as much is required and just to enhance the already existing curls in your hair. Using Mousse in the required manner will retain the texture of your hair and make the curls last long.

Mousses help

5. Create ‘No Heat’ Curls

Folding the baby wipes along with the hair till the pack touches the hair roots is an excellent way to create wavy curls in your hair in an easy manner. Take as many baby wipes required and curl set of hairs and leave them for some time to set. Baby wipes are normally damp and so you can exercise this method even on your dry hair.

Create ‘No heat’ curls

6. Braids Can Make Waves

When you want beachy waves urgently, divide your hair into four sections and start braiding each one of them. Iron and leave them to cool down. Release them out to witness your mermaid like beachy wavy hair. This method is one of the easiest and ‘anytime do’ kind of an idea.

Braids can make waves

7. Sleep With Buns

After applying a Mousse to your hair, make buns on your head dividing the hair into four sections. Clip all the four buns so they do not give out when you sleep. Retain this overnight only to witness beachy wavy hair when you get up the next morning. This is another effortless cool way to get a stunning wavy hair.

Sleep with buns