7 Homemade Avocado Hair Masks For Damaged Hair

Avocados are extremely rich and filled with the amazing natural nourishing agents which provide amazing shine, volume and strength to the hair. Due to this, avocados are used in hair care and damage repair. This natural and extremely nutritious ingredient can work wonders on your hair while making them extremely healthy and rich. The hair damage like split ends, rough hair, brittle and frizzy hair are the common problems women suffer from. If you too are fighting from these damage problems of your hair, try considering avocados and the miraculous masks prepared from avocados to get rid of the damaged hair. These masks would provide deep cleansing, nourishment, strength and beautiful shine to your hair.

Below Are The 7 Homemade Avocado Hair Masks For Damaged Hair:

1. Avocado Banana Hair Mask

The damaged hair are extremely drug and frizzy. This is due to undernourishment and lack of proper moisture. If you want to fix this problem, try using this amazing avocado banana mask. The avocados would provide rich nourishment and softened to the hair while bananas would help cleansing and moisturizing your hair. Blend some avocados and bananas in a blender and prepare a thick paste. Apply this mask on your entire scalp and let it work on the roots of your hair. You can rinse this mask after an hour or two. The regular application of this mask would provide smoothness and shine to your hair.


2. Avocado Egg Yolk

Avocado and egg yolk mask is extremely nourishing and beneficial. Frizzy and dry hair can get repaired by this awesome mask. Egg yolk is rich with proteins and calcium which is extremely beneficial for hair growth and health. By this mask, you can get amazingly shiny glossy and voluminous hair. Blend the avocados, egg yolk and a spoon of lemon juice. Create a thick and smooth paste and apply it on the scalp. Keep this mask for 1 hour and rinse it off. Try this amazing mask for 2 days in a week and get rid of the damaged hair soon.


3. Avocado Oatmeal Mask

Oatmeal and avocados gives amazing smoothness and nourishment to the hair. This mask will fight dryness, brittleness and roughness prevailing in your hair and would make them damage free. Mix avocados and oatmeal by blending and preparing a thick paste. Apply this mask for getting rid of the damaged hair soon.


4. Avocado Honey Mask

Honey is an amazing cleansing and smoothening agent which provides immense nourishment to the hair. You can use this mask if you have extremely damaged and rough hair. Blend the avocados and honey and prepare a mask. Cover your entire scalp with this mask and cover it with some wrapper or shower cap. Leave this mask in your hair for an hour and then rinse off. Regular usage of this mask would soon provide you damage free hair.


5. Avocado, Olive An Coconut Oil Mask

The essential oils are extremely nourishing and healthy. The oils are used for various therapies and treatment for hair damage and make the hair healthy and nourished. You can use the amazing blend of these oils and avocados for getting soft, shiny and voluminous hair.


6. Avocado And Coconut Milk Mask

The hair becomes extremely damaged and highly affected from the external environment and gets damaged. For this intense damage, you can use this amazing mask prepared from avocados and coconut milk. This mask would regulate hair growth and would provide immensely long and strong hair while eliminating hair damage.


7. Avocado Lemon And Aloe Vera Mask

This mask is extremely beneficial if you have frizzy or extremely brittle and oily hair. Lemon and aloe vera gel has antioxidants which would provide softness and smoothness to the hair by eliminating oiliness and extreme damage.