7 Homemade Azadirachta Indica Face Masks For Clear Skin

Azadirachta Indicais or Neem is one of the best ingredients that everyone can use to improve their skin. Not everyone is blessed with clear skin and those who are sometimes don’t really take care proper care of their skin, which makes it dull, and unclear. There are many beauty products that you uses regularly, but how you use them and what kind of impact the products lays on your skin is also a very different thing.

You have to make sure that you apply sunscreen when you go out, wash your face at least twice a day with a proper face wash, which suits your skin and which will help in clearing the dead skin cells and dirt from your face. Azadirachta Indicain such a case works wonders and you can make various kinds of masks using neem, which will help in making your skin brighter and better. A lot of these masks can be easily made at home.

Mentioned Below Are The Best 7 Homemade Azadirachta Indicafacemasks For Clear Skin:

1. Azadirachta Indica Face Mask With Sandalwood

Azadirachta Indicaworks wonders on those who have acne and the natural inflammatory properties of Azadirachta Indicais great and it will help in curing the acne. To make this mask you will need sandalwood and cucumber paste. Mix the ingredients together and make a dine paste. Keep it in the refrigerator for a while and apply the mask on your face. Leave it for 15 minutes and rinse well.


2. Azadirachta Indica Honey And Apple Cider Vinegar Facemask For Dark Spots

This is another great mask that you can make at home. This facemask is made of honey, apple cider vinegar and Azadirachta Indicapaste. Mix them together and make a proper fine paste. Apply it on your face and leave it for a while. The mask will help in reducing the dark and aging spots. You can use it regularly for better results.


3. Azadirachta Indica Turmeric Facemask

This mask is another great mask for a clear skin and you can make this mask by adding Azadirachta Indicapaste, turmeric, gram flour and even milk if you want. Mix them well and make a fine paste. Apply it on your face, massage well. Leave the mask for a while and rinse well with cold water. It will make your skin smooth and soft.


4. Azadirachta Indicaand Rice Water Paste With Rose Petals Face Mask For Radiant Skin

This rice water, Azadirachta Indicaand rose petal mask is meant to get the radiant skin and it will make your face shiny. Make a thick paste of this mask and apply it all over your face. Massage the face and leave the mask on for 15 minutes. Rinse well with cold water.


5. Azadirachta Indica And Gram Flour Facemask For Smooth Skin

If you want to have a smooth skin, then this is the perfect facemask for you. You can make this mask by making a Azadirachta Indicapaste and add a teaspoon of gramfour and raw milk. Apply it on your face and leave the mask on for a while. Rinse well with cold water and pat dry. It is a perfect facemask for smooth skin.


6. Azadirachta Indica And Aloe Vera Facemask For A Clear Skin

This mask is one of the best facemask and you can make it easily at home. To make the mask, take the Azadirachta Indicapowder and mix it with Aloe Vera gel. Make a fine paste and apply it on your face. Massage your face well and leave it on for few minutes. Rinse well.


7. Azadirachta Indica Powder And Curd Face Mask To Remove Dark Spots

This is another great facemask that you can make at home. If you have lot of dark spots then applying this mask regularly will lighten the spots and will make your skin clearer and better. Apply the mask on your face and leave until dry. Rinse well with cold water.