7 Ideas For Long Shag Haircuts

A natural and easy to make hairstyle is ideal for warm weather during the spring and summers. If you like to have long hair, go for the long shag haircut. It is an effortless, stylish and loose hairstyle and it is very good for long hair. A long shag hairstyle is suitable for thick hair. It will be also an ideal choice for thin hair. With a subtle complexity, the hairstyle looks charming and versatile. Women who like a rock-n-roll look find the long shag to be very attractive. There are many types of variations possible in the long shag hairstyle. We will suggest some hairstyles for you.

Following Are The 7 Ideas For Long Shag Haircuts:

1. Cherry Bomb

Cherry Bomb hairstyle looks cute and feminine. To get this look, cut the hair in a long shag haircut with long accent layers. Besides this, make very short bangs in the hair. Color the side locks in a berry red color and create ringlets in them by curling them in a round shape. Apply curl-enhancing cream on the ringlets to define them. The hairstyle is suitable for oval and heart-shaped faces.

2. Waterfall Of Curls Shag

Waterfall Of Curls Shag hairstyle is good choice for naturally curly hair. If you don’t have curly hair, curl then with the help of a hair curler. For making this hairstyle, get a long shag haircut. Keep the upper part of the hair straight and plain while curling the lower part. The curly long shag hairstyle looks very elegant.

3. Long Bob With Shag

Long Bob With Shag is a nice hairstyle with a combination of a bob and shag. For this look, get a long bob haircut up to the level of the neck or shoulders with a shag cut. Make thick arched bangs in the hair. Give a blunt cut to the ending part of the bangs. The hairstyle looks very nice on thick hair. The mix and match hairstyle of a bob and shag makes an impressive effect to the looks and personality.

4. Glam Gal

Glam Gal is a long shag hairstyle with a fringe. Get a long shag haircut with curls at the sides of the hair. Use a hair curler with a barrel brush fixed on it. Make side swept fringe by cutting a fringe and turning it towards to side. Cut the fringe thin or thick for a full look. The hairstyle is suitable for round and heart faces.

5. Medium Length Shag

Medium Length Shag is a shoulder length hairstyle that is easy to maintain. For this, get cut the hair up to the level of the shoulders in a medium length. Make short layers in the upper part. Cut some shaggy bangs in the hair. Make heavy bangs. Also, cut the bottom part of the hair in a shag cut. Spread the hair to get a messy look. The hairstyle is suitable for home as well as parties.

6. Easy, Breezy Babe

Easy, Breezy Babe is a long shag hairstyle suitable for diamond shaped and heart faces. Get long shag haircut and make a center parting in the hair. Cut long face framing layers with a feathered touch. Create the feathered look with the help of a hair straightener. Create volume in the hair near the crown area. For this, do back combing on the hair to add natural volume.

7. Long Wavy Layers

Long Wavy Layers is an easy to make hairstyle. For this, get a long shag haircut. Create waves in the hair by braiding or curling the hair and then opening and spreading it. Pass the fingers through the hair. Apply sea salt spray on it. This will help in making waves with bounce and texture.