7 Immunity-Boosting Ways To Survive Cold And Flu Season

As winter is knocking at the door, we are stepping into the season of cold and cough. Nobody wants to invited sore throat and running nose right? But if you don’t take much care of yourself then you have to welcome these uninvited guests. Now you must be thinking that you take enough care of your health but still somehow you or any of your family members end up catching cold and cough. Let me explain you the reason behind this. You must be taking care of your health externally but internally your immune system is not strong enough to protect you from diseases. Yes! You heard it right. Immune system does an excellent job of shielding you against harmful microorganism which cause diseases. It fight against germs and prevent you from illness. Immune System is not a solo entity but a system which requires stability and harmony. You have to modify your way of living so that your biological clock runs smoothly. Without wasting your time, start working on boosting your Immune system and increase your resistivity by following 8 ways:

Here Are The 7 Immunity-Boosting Ways To Survive Cold And Flu Season:

1. Build Up A Healthy Gut

Microorganisms that survive in your gut helps in regulating immune system, body weight, hunger and metabolism apart from digesting food particles. The fighters of immune system depend on healthy and hygienic food so that they can win the battle against microbes. Probiotics are living bacteria (also known as helpful bacteria) which helps in upholding a good digestive system.They may also lessen cold or flu. So start introducing much amount of probiotics like kimchi, krautand kefir in your diet.

Build up a healthy Gut

2. A Big NO To Processed And Junk Food

Avoid junk foods and sugar as much as can. Processed food reduces the function of Immune system which result in flu and cold. Food like fruits and vegetables which are highly rich in nutrients and antioxidants, will increase your resistance power and will keep you away from cough and flu. Some of the healthy and anti-inflammatory rich foods are green leafy vegetables, salmons and bone broth. Bone broth helps your immune system to protect your body from infection.

A big NO to processed and junk food

3. Regular Exercise Is Must

To keep your body fit and fine, do exercise regularly. It will increase your level of energy and will help your brain to function properly. Not only that, it will improve the ability of your body to pump the nutrients and oxygen in your body which will directly boost up your immune system. Sweating during exercise detoxifies the body and improves the blood circulation as well.

Exercise Every Day

4. Vitamin C And D In Your Diet

Boost up the immune system by incorporating vitamin C and vitamin D in your body. Ascorbic acid which is known as vitamin C fights with microorganism and kills them by destroying their nucleic acid, thus enhancing your immune system. Citrus fruits such as kiwi, orange, and lemon contains Vitamin C. Eat one or two citrus fruit on daily basis to nourish your immune system. Just like vitamin C , vitamin D is also important to keep yourself away from cold and flu during winters. Sun is an excellent source of vitamin D. You can also use cod liver oil to protect your body from cold by increase the level of vitamin D in your body.

Vitamin C and D in your diet

5. A Spoonful Of Golden Liquid-Honey

Honey is well known for its taste,but it has some medicinal value as well.A spoonful of honey has enhances your digestive power and can help you to fight against disease.You can also add tulsi leaves with honey to get rid of sore throat and cough.

A spoonful of Golden liquid-Honey

6. ZINC- A Best Supplement

Your body requires zinc every day to function normally and properly. Zinc boost up your immune system. It increases the formation of white blood cells so that they can fight with the germs effectively. Zinc does not allow the cells of microorganism to replicate thus protect us from further diseases. Foods like, spinach, pumpkin seeds, beans and nuts are rich in Zinc and can be use as temporary medicine to cure cold.

ZINC- A best supplement

7. Stay Hydrated

Water has a great impact on the immune system. Your body functions actively and properly when it gets right amount of oxygen. Water helps your blood to carry ample of oxygen to the cells and throw away unwanted and harmful toxins from the body. So drink pure water as much as you can.

Drinking sufficient water

8. Stress Free And Soundless Sleep

A good sleep is compulsory for your health and wellbeing. After a long hectic day, your body needs rest. When you sleep, your immune system releases cytokines (protein) which fights against the disease. So sleep for more than 7 hours every day to boost up your immune system. Lock all your tensions in a bag and throw the key away for sometime .Spend time with your family to release your stress.

Stress free and soundless sleep