7 Incredible Straw Hats For Fresh Look

Straw hats are legendary piece of fashion and they have been in vogue or at least have been recognized for centuries now. These hats have originated from the country of Ecuador in the 16th century and some real revolution in their production took place in the 18th century as the straw hats now started bearing such names as Montecristi, Panama and Toquilla in the straw hats world.
In terms of style that meets with practicality, very few headgear come close to straw hats. The brimmed headgear protects much of your head and face from sunlight thereby giving you all round protection when compared to baseball caps. Straw hats for women are an ideal head wear that can be worn in the beaches as well as for creating your own individual style. Be it design or hues they are available with, they are just way too good to be picked for summer.

Pick Your Favorite From These 7 Incredible Straw Hats For Fresh Look:

1. Janessa Leone Calla Hat

Traditionally designed and immaculately weaved, this straw hat by Janessa Leone Calla is an instant head turner due to the color pink’s use. Therefore you get the instant girly look in the most legendary style. The brim of the hat is not wide and gives a very poised look once worn.

Janessa Leone Calla Hat

2. Sole Society Straw Panama Hat

Another traditionally designed hat, this straw Panama hat by Sole Society has the classic style of straw hat that women would look for especially for getting a fresh look on a Summer Sunday brunch. It is more like a fedora with a brim and the black ribbon over the brim’s outer diameter only adds a lot of healthy difference.

Sole Society Straw Panama Hat

3. Kate Spade New York Embroidered Lovely Sun Hat

Kate Spade Hats have always hit the right notes for women’s hats and give fresh look each time. This hat by Kate spade however comes with certain kind of novelty. As an embroidered hat with layered brim design, this hat looks adorable with pink embroidery. What makes it even more lovable is the word embroidered on it; lovely.

Kate Spade New York Embroidered Lovely Sun Hat

4. J. Crew Textured Summer Straw Hat

This hat by J. Crew makes one heck of a statement in black. This floppy straw hat can be a mainstay in your headwear wardrobe in the many years to come. Floppy hats are best recognized for its baseball cap-like top and textured brim. The most resourceful feature would be the fact that it can be easily folded up for packing.

J. Crew Textured Summer Straw Hat

5. Sensi Studio Two-Toned Houndstooth Panama Hat

A two-toned Panama hat gives you incredibly fresh look and this hat by Sensi Studio has got it all covered, the black band over the brim diameter, the dual tone mesh design; just about everything that women would look for in a hat this summer.

Sensi Studio two-toned houndstooth panama hat

6. ASOS Catarzi Straw Hat

The finesse of cloth fabric and the virtue of straw hat in the brim trigger a perfect amalgamation of straw and cloth in this hat by ASOS Catarzi. The easy feel of the straw hat is made darn stylish with black centre top that looks rich and defined.

ASOS Catarzi Straw Hat

7. J. Crew Straw Fedora Hat With Chevron Band

Be summer ready with fedora hat with raffia straw hat that has a woven chevron band. What more can be said about the hat except that it gives you protection and lots of attention!

J. Crew Straw Fedora Hat with Chevron band