7 Monsoon-Friendly Hairstyles You Must Try

The monsoon is a sign of end of summers and after the scorching heat season, the rains are most welcoming and joyous. But with the homecoming of the monsoon, the problems with hair, especially for women, takes a toll. With the downpour and the sticky feeling due to the humidity, the head starts to feel sticky thereby make it a bad hair day for a woman (which she dislikes the most). Let us see some of the hairstyles that you ladies can afford to try to counter the discomfort created during the monsoon.

Here Are The 7 Monsoon Friendly Hairstyles You Must Try:

1. The Pony Tail

Simplest of all, the ponytail never gets out of shape and even if it does then, because of its simple process of creation, it can be remade in a jiffy. A sleek pony is always recommended as the water drips down the tail quite easily.

2. Side Braided Pony Tail

Very much like the Pony Tail, the side braided Pony Tail is classy when flashed. If stranded in the rain, do not hesitate as the water will easily drip down the head, without any hassles created with respect to your hairstyle. The grip created due to the interlocks in the pony help avoid hair coming onto the face, keeping the hair away from your face.

3. The Pixie Cut

Consider yourself bold and courageous, try the pixie cut. With the hair short in this type, the problems of hair coming on your face are eliminated. As soon as the rain slows down, 1-2 swipes with your hand will be enough to recreate the same hairstyle.

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4. Ballerina Bun

Keeping your tight and firm should be the priority of a woman during the monsoon. The Ballerina Bun is another of its species where the hair will not go about here and there, making it easy for you to enjoy the rain rather than worry about your hair. Often we see when it is raining; the women always prefer her hair tied in a bun; no issues of water trickling down on their back and creating further problems.

5. Waves

It is well known that once it stops raining and the head it wet, the hair are bound to go curly if not straightened. So why not have to waves from the beginning itself? Even though the waves are a little tough to manage but it is ideal for the party attending women, as a small quantity of water will only help strengthen their hairstyle and make it look fluffier with a single brush of the comb.

6. Half Clip

With half clip looking like a royal hairstyle, it has its benefits during the monsoon. The easy to make hairstyle offers a great deal of comfort as the hair will not come on your face due to the clip; a reminder that you must have a clip in this case and 50% of your work is done.

7. Loose Hair

Yes no one is stopping you to leave your hair loose but the only drawback is the amount of hair coming on your face which you have to keep on settling time to time. The happy go hairstyle will not give you any further discomforts as you do not have to worry about making your hair, easy to drip the water down and of course, you want to be carefree while enjoying the rain.

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Flaunt yourself this monsoon by trying the above mentioned hairstyles!

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