7 Most Popular Perfumes For Women This Season

Perfumes are not just pleasant aroma; they are bottled confidence boosters for your personality. When a woman wears it, perfumes leave the crowd enchanted. Perfumes have a history of being of improvising itself with changing times. The industry has scrupulously balanced itself by striking a balance between synthetic and natural ingredients for making classic and heart notes. Nevertheless the task of choosing perfumes that qualify as your signature scent for a given season is seemingly easy. In reality, you struggle; whether to go for the most respected names that have built legacy over the years or to stick to your budget. Relax as this article is going to spritz the 7 most popular perfumes for women. Eves, you had better tell your Adam to hold his horses when you pass by!

Here Are The 7 Most Popular Perfumes For Women This Season:

1. Victoria’s Secret Sexy Little Things Noir Eau De Parfum

The perfume is naughtily sexy and seductive hands down. The forte of this perfume is the combination of floral and fruity fragrance; a perfect blend created by the fashion house for this season. As heart notes there is jasmine, plum, blackberry and plum whereas the base notes has golden amber, musk, and tonka bean etc. To top it all; it is packed in smoking hot black bottle that has small vintage style squeeze bulb to spritz from.

Victoria’s Secret Sexy Little Things Noir Eau De Parfum

2. Yves Saint ‘Black Opium’ Perfume

The perfume is mysteriously enchanting and leaves a lasting impression with coffee notes in dominant proportion accompanied by orange blossom, jasmine, patchouli and cedar. Another reason to grab this rich black sequined bottle is the fact that they are the last editions of the Opium collection by YSL.

Yves Saint ‘Black Opium’ Perfume

3. Tom Ford Jasmine Rouge

This one covers practically all the spices that have been proven success in perfumery. This sweetly alluring scent has ginger, cardamom and cinnamon notes accorded with sweet aroma of vanilla and amber. TOM FORD gives an alternative to the “still prefer the floral perfume” eves’ group; TOM FORD CAFÉ ROSE, perfect to wear on a cozy date.


4. Elizabeth Arden Provocative Women Eau De Parfum Spray

The curvaceously beautiful bottle holds the perfume that men will go gaga about, not because it is overpowering but for the reason that it is subtle and has feminine aroma to it. Long story short; it is a great perfume to play safe this season.

Elizabeth Arden Provocative Women Eau de Parfum Spray

5. Fendi Fan Di Fendi

Essentially for the restless eves, charged all the time; and bold, just like this bottle. The aroma hammers its presence with patchouli, citrus, jasmine, spicy leather and long lasting fragrance that mesmerizes him longer than you could possibly think.


6. Mary Kay Simply Cotton Eau De Toilette

The astonishingly low priced Mary Kay perfume is the “anytime” and “any season” perfume thanks to the long lasting fresh fragrance it is loaded with. Move to Mary Kay Journey Eau de Parfum and you get sophisticated allure in a perfume described as “expensive smelling” but budget friendly by some.

Mary Kay Simply Cotton Eau de Toilette

7. Chanel No.19 Poudre

Why Chanel features all time and what’s so out of the world about NO.19 POUDRE? Because CHANEL NO.19 has immaculately processed rare Iris as central note with loads of different musk that gives the almost everlasting fragrance to die for with heady jasmine; POUDRE has powder essence and uncompromised quality of ingredients. The number 19 signifies Coco Chanel’s birthday; August 19.


It has been said that after diamond, the girls best friend are perfumes. So, try the above mentioned perfumes and spread the breeze all around you.