7 Natural Oils You Can Use On Face Instead Of A Moisturiser

Natural oils are immensely glorious and miraculous on the skin. The natural oils are used since decades for various beauty and hair treatments due to the miraculous and promising results they give! For skin brightening, for fighting dull and dry skin, for rejuvenating the skin or for making the skin super smooth and glossy, these natural oils are used for numerous reasons and purposes on the skin. This winter, if you are not much inclined towards the moisturizers and lotions available in the market and want to try something natural, you must take a change and try any of these glorious natural oils which would simply work wonders on your skin. These natural oils are filled with amazing ingredients and unavoidable benefits which would simply make your skin flawless!

Below Are The 7 Natural Oils You Can Use On Face Instead Of A Moisturizer:

1. Olive Oil

Olive oil is used in numerous ways either consider preparing food or for various beauty treatments. Olive oil is a natural moisturizer which would make your skin look a million bucks with regular usage and application. Massage olive oil regularly for 5-10 minutes to keep it short for flawless facial skin. This mild and stunning oil would make your skin soft, supple and immensely moisturized.

2. Jojoba Oil

Jojoba oil is used in numerous beauty products due to its smoothness and freshness. Also ladies prefer this miraculous oil for skin brightening and lightening. If you have patchy and dark skin on your face, you must try using jojoba oil regularly on your face instead of the market products and get flawless skin. After taking bath or before going to bed, apply some jojoba oil over your entire face and get dazzling results in just few days.

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3. Almond Oil

Almond oil is just not for hair growth and softening. If you love beautiful soft and smooth skin, try considering almond oil f\this season and you would simply love the results. If you have dry, itchy and rough skin over your face, you can use this flawless and non sticky oil to get rid of such skin and get beautiful skin in minutes. Apply almond oil daily on your face and you would notice visible difference in your skin tone and complexion!

4. Lavender Oil

Lavender oil is a miraculous ingredient which would simply never fail to make your skin desirable. This oil is a treasure of beauty benefits which would simply make your skin glorious and stunning. Lavender oil works in multiple ways on your skin making it more adorable and beautiful. Apply lavender oil on your face and get rid of dark and patchy spots, irritated skin and get a flawless glow on your face within no time!

5. Rose Essential Oil

Very lesser women know that rose essential oil can work wonders on your skin and make it look as petty as never before. Rose essential oil works just like the glorious rose water works on your skin making it dazzling. Apply this flawless oil on your face and you would notice a bright glow, incomparable smoothness and a divine glow on your face!

6. Coconut Oil

F you feel that the moisturizers are getting harsh and intense on your facial skin making it lifeless and dull, you can try this super cool oil and get stunning skin. Coconut oil is a super ingredient especially during winters which would make your skin smooth and glorious. Immensely this oil moisturizes the facial skin getting it look more precious.

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7. Tea Tree Oil

The natural and stunning properties of this oil are simply just not for hair. Tea tree oil has herbal properties which makes the skin more smooth, clean, shiny and beautiful. Try this cool oil instead of moisturizers and see the magic!

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