7 Natural Ways To Ease Post Workout Sore Muscles

Pain while working out is considered to be a morale booster, something that keeps you motivated to give your all to the entire session. But what if the pain persists in the muscles for longer than usual? That’s right; it is sore muscles post workout that can be very damaging in nature for your body. In the entire process of doing rigorous workout, it is very likely to pull or tear a muscle or two and the most immediate solution is that of popping pain and muscle relaxer pills. But this could backfire especially if you are a fitness athlete appearing in screening test for checking the use of banned substances. Though you may have had pills for curing pain, you might also have consumed banned substance. To avoid such blunders, it’s always better to go the natural way to ease post workout sore muscles.

Here Are 7 Ways That You Might Want To Consider:

1. Cherry Juice

As per 2010 study by Scandinavian Journal of Medicine and Science, cherry juice helps in reducing inflammation and sore muscles to a great deal.[1] Cherry juice contains anthicyanins, a type of antioxidant compound that eases body soreness. It is best advised to have cherry juice on workout days itself.

Cherry Juice

2. Ice Bath

Age old method to treat muscle soreness, ice bath is also the best way to refresh you after a physically grueling workout.[2] Besides, ice bath also helps in strengthening of the cores that get hurt while working out.

Ice Bath

3. Go Hot And Cold

Another natural way that uses aqua for muscle soreness though this time in liquid form and at a high temperature; dipping the sore water in hot water followed by icy cool water or vice versa provides a great alternate therapy for stiffened muscles.[3] Many people also claim that this is also effective in dealing with prolonged muscular pain.

Go Hot And Cold

4. Bengay

This is a plant which can be applied over the sore muscle’s skin in gel or paste form as this natural plant acts as a muscle relaxer.[4] Very little was known about this plant till it was revealed in a 2007 study by Rheumatology International.


5. Deep Tissue Massage

Massage is always very relaxing but in case of sore muscles, deep tissue massage works like no other rubbing.[5] Increase of blood flow that deep tissue massage triggers helps in releasing the soreness of muscles quicker than other forms of external therapy. Thera cane using a tennis ball is a self applied process of deep tissue massage that will help your cause.

Deep Tissue Massage

6. Lavender Oil Massage

The oil is one of the best to have a massage with. Lavender oil consists a lot of peppermint base that helps in opening of skin pores for sore muscles.[6] It can also be used as ingredient oil in deep tissue massage. For better results you can have the massage of lavender oil six days a week even though you don’t workout for that many days.

Lavender Oil Massage

7. Caffeine

Apologies for the suspense created! You can relax and add caffeine in the list to have for easing post work out sore muscles.[7] Research says, caffeine blocks adenosine that retaliates to the agents of soreness present in the body. Delighted as you are by now to hear this, by no means does this mean that you can keep on gulping caffeine at will.


Try the above mentioned natural remedies seriously for the best result. If still the condition persists, consult your doctor immediately.