7 Natural Ways To Stop Your Hair From Getting Oily

Hairs are one of the things that all of us are concerned about isn’t it, irrespective of gender? But what if the hairs are flat, oily and limp? We are not confident and feel low about it right? But what if we say that we have got natural remedies which can transform your oily and limp manes into fluffy and bouncy appearance even after not being shampooed for more than five days? Doesn’t it sound awesome? You bet it is and here in this article we are going to discuss this very wonder and the facts behind oily hairs.

Whiel the major reason behind the hairs becoming oily is due to excess sebum production in the scalp, other reasons that are associated include hormonal imbalances, environmental issues, genetics as well as chemically treated hair woes. However, good news is that whatever the reason is we have come up with some of the best natural ways to stop your hairs from getting oily.

Some Of The Natural Ways Are:

1. Plan Your Hair Wash

In case you think that washing your manes often would lead to less oil production, you are greatly wronged in this department. This is due to the fact that washing the manes before a span of four to five days strips off the natural oils and the sweat glands work more to compensate for the lost oil. Thus, plan your washes after an alternate of four days to see results.

Plan hair washing when you sweat most

2. Lukewarm Water

In case you feel that warm water isn’t good for the manes, think again! While water which is too cold can send chills down your spine, hot water can break the manes and lead to excessive dullness and this is why lukewarm water which is ideal for your body as well as for your hairs are the key which can keep oily hair condition at bay. Simple!


3. Do Not Apply Conditioners

Conditioner application is actually a bane for ones who is suffering from oily scalp and hair condition. Thus, stay clear off the same and apply only sparingly at the ends and avoid application on the scalp at all times.


4. Try The Vinegar

Vinegar is a great natural product for the hairs due to the fact that it is acidic and laden with antioxidants which work well towards cleansing your scalp, unclogging the pores and also in restoring the pH balance of the hairs.

Vinegar Rinse

5. Rinsing The Hairs With Green Tea

Green tea is another great a natural way which helps one to stop hair from getting oily due to the fact that it is laden with antioxidants which breaks the extra sebum on the scalp and also protects the hair strands from the free radicals.

Green Tea Rinse

6. Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera is naturally great for both skin and the hairs in humans and thus it goes without saying that aloe vera is great in keeping hair issues at bay. Laden with antioxidants, anti-bacterial properties and aloesin, aloe vera helps keep oil production in the scalp in caheck and also removes flaky dandruff woe along with scalp inflammation too.

Aloe Vera Shampoo

7. Tea Tree

Tea tree oil is a great natural remedy which is known to keep oil away from the hairs due to the fact that it is laden with antibacterial, antiseptic as well as anti-fungal properties which effectively controls sebum production in the scalp.

tea tree essential oil