7 Outstanding Breathing Exercises To Alleviate Headache

Are you fed-up with throbbing headache? Do you want to get rid of your headache with simple yet highly effective tricks? If yes, then practicing some effectual breathing exercises regularly can help you obtain a great relief from the discomforting headache. Breathing is a vital process which is crucial for your physical, spiritual, and emotional health. Not just breathing exercises help you get relief from headache but they also keep you away from several ailments. So, if you are wondering which effective breathing techniques can help alleviate your headache, think no further. Get rid of your pain in head by follow seven outstanding breathing exercises listed below.

Find Below Seven Effectual Breathing Exercises To Get Relief From Headache:

1. Alternate Nostrils Breathing Exercise

This breathing technique is also popular as Anulom Vilom. In Yoga, it is well-known as Nadi Shodhana. You need to breathe in and breathe out through alternate nostrils. It helps your body feel relaxed and offers you a great relief from headache. First, cover your right nostril and inhale through the left nostril and then exhale through the right nostril by covering your left nostril. Repeat this breathing technique vice versa to alleviate your headache.

2. Deep Breathing

Deep breaths relieve you from discomforting headaches. Sit straight. Take deep breaths by counting up to 10 as you breath in and count up to 10 again as you exhale. While counting 10 ensure that your deep breaths are quite longer than usual. Continue to follow deep breathing in this manner. Soon, you will discover that your body responds positively to slow and deep breathing. Deep breathing works on relaxing your nerves and minimizes the intensity of your pain in head.

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3. Balloon Technique

This is an outstanding breathing exercise to obtain relief from throbbing headache. Sit with a straight back, think and focus on a spot present below your navel, and inhale slowly till you think your inhaled air has reached the spot below your navel. Doing so, it fills up your abdomen. Now, exhale slowly and steadily just like deflating a balloon. Repeat this balloon exercise for some time and you will soon get rid of the headache.

4. Visualizing Your Breathes

In this breathing exercise, you need to sit comfortably and focus on thinking of your breath that you are inhaling and exhaling. Imagine the air moving down the windpipe, traveling to your lungs, filling them up with your breath, and sense that you have inhaled all the peace and feeling relaxed. Now, while breathing out, you need to imagine that you are exhaling all the tension and stress out of your body. Repeat this for a few times, and it will mitigate your headache.

5. Breath At Tunes Of Therapeutic Music

Play a soothing, relaxing music as you sit straight comfortably and do focused, deep breathing. Play mood uplifting music, as it calms you, soothes your mind and body, relaxed your body muscles, refreshes you, and alleviate your headache.

6. Bellows Breath

Bellows Breath is also well-known as Breath Of Fire Exercise and Bhastrika. This breathing exercise comprises 10 quick breaths which are followed by one long, slow breath. First, sit comfortably in the Lotus pose, breathe in and breathe out speedily and with a force such that your chest area should move up and down and not abdomen. After five quick inhalations and five exhalations, you need to have a deep, slow breath. Follow this for five minutes and it will help you drive away your headache successfully.

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7. Rhythmic Breathing

Rhythmic breathing is a powerful breathing exercise and is usually down in three parts. First of all, you need to sit comfortably in Lotus Pose, begin inhaling and exhaling slowly and in a balanced fashion at equal pace. Next, you need to breathe out in a pace which is twice the duration of your inhalation. Third step is that you need to breathe in a pace which is twice the duration of your exhalation. If you are able to perform this exercise for 45 minutes, it offers you rewarding benefits and you will soon experience that your headache had disappeared.

Now that you know these seven amazing breathing exercises that can mitigate your headache, make sure you follow all of them and enjoy a healthy, peaceful life.

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