7 Simple And Effective Yoga Asanas That You Can Do At Office

Sedentary working lifestyles have become part and parcel of our lives these days. And, they reduce our movements and levels of physical activities. Busy working schedule, long working hours, and lack of time leave us with no time to go for working out in gym, go for a morning walk, and do other essential exercises. However, there are certain yoga exercises that you can perform at office and beat the stress and tensions at office. You simply need to take some time and invest it in doing these easy yoga exercises. So, aren’t you eager to know which yoga poses you can do at your workplace without any hassles? Read on to learn all about them.

Find Below Seven Easy Yet Quite Effective Yoga Exercises That You Can Do At Office:

1. Sit & Stand Chair Pose

Chair pose is an ideal yoga exercise for those having sedentary lifestyle. It is not only a good balancing mechanism, but it also improves your determination and benefits your leg, hips, and other muscles of your body. As you seat and work throughout the day, your underused hamstrings and glutes lack motivation. So, sit & stand chair pose proves beneficial in such circumstances. It is a two-parts pose. First, sit in a chair with bent knees at 90 degrees with your feet flat on the ground. Now, by putting the pressure on your heels without moving your feet in towards the chair and without using your arms, stand up. Second pose is that from the standing position, sit back down straight and slowly without leaning over or without shifting your hips to either side. Perform this exercise five to ten times every day.

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2. Seated Crescent Moon Pose

You often hunch over the computer or laptop with your side body collapsing resulting in shoulder and neck discomfort. So, perform Seated Crescent Moon pose to get back to your seat with a taller spine, shaper focus, and clear, stress-free head. Sit straight and raise your arms over your head, join your palms, and stretch your fingers wide. Now, lean to your left and take a few deep breaths. Repeat the same on your right side.

3. Wrist And Finger Stretches

Often, deskwork, such as typing, creates discomfort and build up tension in the tendons and muscles of your fingers, wrists, and hands. Performing finger and wrist stretches after every two hours can help improve blood flow to these parts and ease the tension. Stretch your arms overhead or to your sides and draw five circles by rotating your wrists inwards and then outwards. Then, then stretch your fingers and close your fists. Rotate your wrists with closed fists five times inwards and then outwards. This helps minimize tension in your wrists and fingers. Also, you can stretch your left arm out, bend the wrist inwards and then outwards by counterstretching with your right hand. Hold for ten seconds. Repeat the same stretch with your right arm.

4. Angle Pose

Angle pose, which is also popular as konasana, is a yoga exercise ideal for women doing desk job. This pose helps ease your back pain effectively. Also, it helps stretch, relax, and tone your hands and legs. Strand straight upright by keeping your both the feet hip-width apart. Now, raise your both the arms above your head and join your palms making a prayer pose and then bend to you left. Exhale while bending and stretch and straighten your elbows. Then, turn your head to look at your upper hand and hold this pose for about 10 to 15 seconds and get back to the initial position slowly. Repeat the same pose by bending to your right side.

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5. Chair Pigeon Pose

We often cross our legs while seated in an office chair. This creates imbalance in the lower spine and hips. Performing the Chair Pigeon Pose helps you restore the balance. Seat in your chair straight, place feet flat on the floor, cross your left leg over the right at a right angle by flexing your foot to not to put pressure on your knee. Make sure equal weight is distributed on both the sides. You will feel a moderate stretch on your left thigh’s outermost part. Hold this pose for 10 breath and then repeat the same by crossing your right leg.

6. Standing Spinal Twist Pose

Give your back a nice, stress-releasing stretch at waist by performing the standing spinal twist pose after working for a long at workplace. This pose, which is also known as katichakrasana, is also beneficial to alleviate the discomfort due to constipation. First, stand straight upright by joining your feet and legs togethers, raise your hands up in the front of your body such that your palms would face each other with a distance equal to your shoulder-length. Now, twist to your right while breathing out and also turn your head to your right. Get back to the initial position by breathing in. Repeat the same pose on your left.

7. Desk Plank Pose

Desk is an inevitable part of your working life. You can use your desk to support while performing desk plank pose, which is a hamstring-stretching and spine lengthening exercise. First, keep your both the hand on the edge of your desk shoulder-width apart. Move your feet back till they get directly under your hips and you create traction for your spine. Hold this pose for 10 breaths and then return back to the initial position. Desk Plank Pose eliminates all adverse effects of sitting for long hours.

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Now that you know these 7 exercises to do at office, perform them and enjoy doing work without any stress.

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