How To Get V Cut In Lower Abs? | 7 Simple Core Exercises To Get V Cut In Lower Abs

How To Get V Cut In Lower Abs? | 7 Simple Core Exercises To Get V Cut In Lower Abs

Want that V cut in lower abs? Here are simples but effective exercises for you to get V cut in lower abs

We have all seen that amazing v cut abs which looks flattering! This is all the magic of core workouts which can shape your abs and give them a lavish look.

If you want picture perfect abs with a killer v cut shape, you need to strength your core and perform the workouts which can impact your abdomen.

Straight above the pelvic area, you can find an awesome shape which is sculpted and made from some rigorous workouts! If you have always dreamed of such amassing abs and awesome middle body, here are some workouts which can help.

Go for these exercises which can promise you awesome v cut abs and would make your abs look adorable! From leg lifts to the hanging leg raises, here are all the workout options which you can try this season!

How To Get V Cut in Lower Abs

Leg Lifts

While you lie down and perform this amazing workout, all the muscles which get perfectly targeted are you abdomen muscles. Defined abs requires high intensity workouts and pure focus.

This is a workout which can tone your abs into that adorable v cut shape!

How to do leg lifts?

Sleep straight and perform the leg raises while applying the tension on your abdomen area.

Also lift your legs upwards while feeling the pressure on your abs and notice the magic!

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Side Crunches

Side Crunches are the most amazing and widely preferred workout for toning the abs. while it stretches your abs and makes them crisp, you can try it for shaping your abs.

You can try some variations like reverse crunches or twisted crunches to get more benefits from this single workout and also to make your core strong!


Bridges can work miracles on your abs and entire body. If you are looking for a workout which can give you that v shaped abdomen, perform the lunges variations and also strengthen your core.

While you perform the bridges, the three main areas, your core, abdomen and back gets strong and thus, perform this multi benefit workout!


Lunges are awesome workouts for strengthening the core as well to bold that v shaped abs. while you perform the lunges, your core muscles gets tightened. Also your entire lower body gets worked out.

You can feel the tension on your abs, hips and thighs while you perform lunges and thus, this acts as a cool workout to get sculpted body with cool abs!

Hanging Leg Raises

Hanging leg raises has an awesome impact on you abs and core.

While you hang and perform the leg raises, your core gets super strong and you would easily get the v shaped abs. This is an extreme high intensity workout which would get you cool body!

V Ups

Just like the crunches or leg raises, this is an abs workout which would ton your abs muscles. Lie down on the floor with straight posture.

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Now raise your legs and your back while making a v position. This would help your abs get toned and beautifully sculpted!

Russian Twists

The Russian twists are awesome and targets your core as well the abs which we need! For that sculpted v shaped abdomen, go for the Russian twists.

You can also use balls and such equipments to perform this workout and make it high impact. Try the Russian twists and make your abs look flawless this season!

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