7 Sparkly Nail Art To Try This Christmas

The end of the year is marked with great pomp and joy. As the year comes to the end, the festivity increases all around the world with Christmas and New Year’s around the corner. The streets are filled with people and decorations and the week long celebrations are a treat to the close of the year. Dressing up well and looking hot is another activity for all and the females get another opportunity to flaunt their nails. Nail art has become a trend these days and here are some ideas that you can observe and may come handy to you during Christmas.

Some Of The Nil Art Ideas During Xmas Are Mentioned Below As The Following:

1. The Christmas Sweater

The Christmas sweater is one of the oldest ideas and achieving it on your nails can become a great one. It may not be tougher than it looks. With the presence of nail stamp, the design on your sweater can come down easily.

2. Icicles

The winter and chill makes the silver pops against ice and nothing better than to have them as nail art. It would be one of the easiest patters to have and would look astonishingly sexy.

3. Center Treat

Keeping the nails in a simple manner is the most attractive way to possess nails. But to add to the celebrations, the center finger nail can be colored with silver or golden to get the shiny theme out.

4. Shimmery Snowflakes

Of course who can forget the snow and its flakes. Getting them down as nail art would give you the edge over the others. Paint the nails with white and blue completely and now add the designs depicting tree like structures with dots resembling snowflakes around it.

5. Ode To The Tree

The Christmas period can be used to create some bold designs and this one is the perfect example. The green shade along with a golden mix is perhaps not even thought of in the wildest of dreams. The golden patch can be used to make designs, the most favorite one being a tree. Due to the dull shade of both the colors, the nail art will stay for a longer duration than the rest.

6. Midnight Blue

Sparkles are very much used everywhere during and around Christmas time be it on the Christmas tree or the decorations on the streets, resembling the color of the gift wraps sent by Santa. Having the same theme on the nails will be very effective and thus, try some different shade than the usual. The dark blue shade can be one of them with sparkles and glossy covering that would give you an idea as to what the sky looks like in that duration. The best part, this will also match with the dress or the attire as midnight blue is very common, therefore a great idea.

7. Merry Mate

Green and red are the most commonly used colors during the Christmas time, with green showing the color of the tree and red sparkles with the gifts. Having these two on the nails is a very good idea to portray and mate finish will give a killer look to the two. Have both the colors on every alternate nail or moreover, even both the colors can be applied on each nails with a center division.