Looking for cool faux hawk hairstyle for women? We curated the best ones here. Check it out!

The faux hawk hairstyles have been trending a lot with cool applauds and while charming numerous women. Women today are confident, stylish, adorable and ready to experiment with various hair trends for a redefining and cool look.

Among various hairstyles, the modern faux hawk hairstyles have been trending and spreading immensely this season and have surpassed the definition of haircuts and hairstyles for women!

This amazing and cool haircut is available in numerous styles and patterns which would get you a brand new look with cool variations for different personalities and hair types.

If you too love to get experimental and funky when it comes to haircut and hairstyles, here is a dazzling list of some of the choicest faux hawk hairstyles which would make you look stand out!

Cool and BOLD Faux Hawk Hairstyle for Women

Short Faux Hawk With Spiky Hair

If you have short and glorious hair, this is a cool version of the faux hawk which you would simply love! This amazing hairstyle with a glorious and redefining look would get you a brand new appearance and glory!

Faux Hawk Hairstyle for Women

The cool faux hawk with spiky top hair and low faded sides is such an adorable and admirable style which would char you!

Long Curly Faux Hawk

If you have that adorable and stunning long hair, and do not want to experiment with the length, here is a cool version of the faux hawk hairstyles which you would simply love!

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This cool faux hawk with curly top hair and cool shaved sides would get you a bold yet feminine look this season!

Braided Faux Hawk

We are simply stunned and charmed by this glorious and mesmerizing hairstyle which can make any woman look trendy and amazing.

This is such a glorious and immensely trendy way to get a flawless and tempting look.

Try this cool hairstyle with braided and clipped sides along with cool top hair with swag and rock the floors!

Faux Hawk With Shaved Sides

If you want a natural and cool fauxhawk look for this season, try this charming and confident fauxhawk with beautifully shaved sides and natural top hair.

This is an amazing variation of the faux hawk which would never fail to make you look stylish and charming. Consider this super cool hairstyle and redefine your look as never before!

Faux Hawk With Quaffed Hair

If you are a fan of the quaffed and fauxhawk hairstyles, here is an adorable version of the fauxhawk hairstyles which would make you long for it!

This mesmerizing hairstyle with cool front quaffed hair would look charming and adorable. Nothing would look so charming and confident than this tempting hairstyle!

Short Curly Faux Hawk

If you have that beautiful and stunning short curly hair, you can try this redefining and glorious way of styling your hair and look lavishing this season.

Try the trendy and stylish curly faux hair with cool curly hair in the Mohawk style and the tied sides and look adorable.

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Nothing would look so stylish and charming as this if you want tries a cool faux hawk hairstyle!

High Volume Faux Hawk

If you have amazing high volume hair, this is one of the coolest and trendiest hairstyles you can consider.

The sleek and straight hair like this would simply steal hearts making you look tempting! Try this cool faux hawk variation with amazing spiky front hair and cool voluminous sides and look amazing!

Medium Length Hair With A Faux Hawk

For medium hair length, there are a lot of things you can do along with the faux hawk to make your hairstyle standout.

You can braid the sides and even use accessories like ribbons along the side braid. This will definitely make your hairdo standout. And at the top you can add a few curly to the faux hawk by using a curling iron and hairspray

Faux Hawk Hairstyle For Fine Hair

If you have long fine hair, start with a fohawk on top and at the back give it a fish tail or any braid for a unique and stylish look!

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