7 Stylish Harem Pants For Women

Harem pant is one of the popular styles of women fashion. The USP of these pants is comfortable to wear, stylish and available in various designs. This cool style is reintroduced in the fashion world by Paris. It was first introduced in 1910. Harem can be used in casual as well as formal wear with a tee and shirt.

We Are Going To Focus On A Few Stylish Designs Of Harem Pants. Read On:

1. Wide Style Harem

This type of harem is very comfortable for its wide space. It looks like a skirt, which is closed in the bottom area. The harem has elastic in waist and ankles. These pants are available in different colours and designs, like you can choose printed one colour or multi-colour pants. These pants look great with one colour tee or sleeveless tops.

Wide Style Harem

2. Arabic Style Harem

This harem looks like the traditional Arabic dress. It is like pantaloons, spacious and has elastics in the waist line and ankles. This is mostly available in one colour and cotton material. The cloth is soft, comfortable and pleated. You can pair it with casual dress up. A top and scurf will look great with this type of harem.

Arabic Style Harem

3. Printed Arabic Harem

These types of harems are available in different shades and prints. It is mostly made of silk and not much pleated. These stylish harems are really looking good in formal occasions. You can pair it with designer top or shirt. The waistline of the harem has plain space which is well designed with prints or bids or belt.

Printed Arabic Harem

4. Buckled -Hem Harem

This harem is informal pant style with bucked-hem design in the legs. It has two front pockets, three buckled –hem on the legs after knees. It is mainly available in dark one colour like military green, black, dark brown. It is really suitable for office or any formal occasion. You can pair it with light colour or white shirt.

Buckled -Hem Harem

5. Harem With Cloth Knot

This harem looks like an East Asian traditional Salwar. It has wide space between the two legs, waist cloth knot and Salwar like ankle design. You can tie a nice knot at the waist to look stylish. It is mostly available in printed, colourful design. You can wear a short top with it for highlighting the knot. The knot will highlight your fashion sense.

Harem With Cloth Knot

6. Translucent Harem

This is the modern style of theharem. The basic part of the harem is a tight pant and a transparent cloth is designed on it like a harem. These two parted harem is really stylish, fashionable and cool. You can try it for party or happening places. This harem is also available in one colour and without any design.

Translucent Harem

7. Pleated Harem

This harem has huge cloth in the front part and it is well pleated. The elastic is in the legs and waist. Its length is not upto the ankle, just ended it after knees. The front part of this harem looks like a pleated skirt attached with a harem. This is the most stylish and unique part of the harem. It is mainly available in soft linen which is really comfortable. You can wear it onboth occasions formal and casual. It can be paired with stylish top. This harem may be available in elastic or in a knot at the waistline.

Pleated Harem