7 Stylish Ideas For A Pageboy Haircut

The pageboy haircut had been a rage in the 1950s and the 1960s era when this bold hair cut stood out in terms of its styled statement and bold outlook. As like any other trend which gets back with time, things have been no way different for the pageboy hair cut as well which has made a comeback into the present fashion circuit and how!

Thus with this short hairdo with bangs and curls making a fresh entry into the scene, here we have collated some of the best and stylish ideas for a pageboy hair cut and some of them are discussed below.

Below Are The 7 Stylish Ideas For A Pageboy Haircut:

1. The Trendy & Natural Coloured Hair Cut

A great playboy hair cut can look even more better when you add a dash of pastel shades on the manes. While we talk about colours, think of the greys, lavender and the pinks and tease the hair roots at the end to get the desired out of the bed look!


2. The Blunt Bash Cut Pageboy With Colours

This is for the bold women out there who do not shy away from trying out different hairdos! This one is where the hairs are cut in pageboy style but with a twist where the front bangs are blunt and there are razor edged side bangs to compliment. Colour it in a loud hue like blue and make heads turn as you walk by!


3. Pageboy Bob Hair-Cut Along With Short Blunts

If you remember the 1920s iconic flapper and movie actress Louise Brooks, you would surely find the resemblance of her found hair cut, popularly known as the “Eton” bob in this one! This hair cut speaks of full bangs, ultra sleek strands; lip length cut features and blunt edges. Whilst the actress popularized something similar in black, you can be some more modern and opt for a navy blue hair colour instead!


4. Banged Long Pageboy Look Hair-Cut

This is the pageboy hair style which can be brought into life with long bob hairs where the short blunt bangs perfectly compliments the volume and the fullness of this otherwise feminine hairdo. This should look perfect in a messy style however so keep it at that!


5. Coloured Hair With Bang Short Platinum

This is more so an futuristic hair style which is all about a extremely short blunt edged and round cut which is an offspring off the mushroom hair cut and looks like a shorter variant of a pageboy! In case you can and have the ability to carry off a icy blonde colour with this hairdo, there can nothing be as better and to get that desired look and feel!


6. The Pageboy Hair-Cut With Ultra Short Bangs

Pageboy hair cut has come a long way and with the modern and the newer versions available, the cut has become shorter than ever including the extra cropped bangs at the front which barely looks like spiking out onto the forehead region! A great option for not so feminine girl, this will look sophisticated to say the least.


7. The Pageboy Look With Jumpy Layered Look

This is for the ones with thinner manes and who would love to add a lot of volume to their short manes. They can easily opt for this style which in turn embraces staggered layers which is all with multiple layers and eye brow length bangs!