Love the 60s style? Try our favorite long hairstyles from the 60s! Check it out!

The 60’s was a beautiful era where women used to flaunt their style and charm in a unique way! This period was the time where the hairstyles like pompadours, bouffant and high impact pinups were rocking the trends.

These 60’s trends were super cool and look flourishing! From the French up dos to the stunning half up half down pinups, everything was rocking in a unique way with a unique style!

Women used to love the long a gorgeous hair which can flatter anyone! We love those beautiful and mesmerizing hairstyles of 60’s which can get us a gracious and beautiful look every time we carry it and complement it with the best dresses!

Nowadays these trends get repeated with different twists and still look awesome. If you are having a theme party or want to dress like a vintage fashion diva, here are some cool 60’s long hairstyles suggestions which would get you gaga!

Stylish Long Hairstyles From The 60s

Barbarella Hair

We love this super cool and huge bouffant which can make the long hair look more flourishing and gorgeous.

If you look at the stunning front of the hair, it is pinned up graciously with a mini bouffant and complemented with a large and high bouffant at the top. Also the open long tresses look flawless.

The name of this hairstyle actually comes from the 1968 movie Barbarella, in which the protagonist Jane Fonda (Barbarella), the space traveller, has this hairdo.

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Try this immensely cute and lavish hairstyle this season and rock the ramps beautifully!

French Style Up Do

The French hairstyles are extremely famous due to their elegance, style and a perfect portrayal of feminine face from the hairstyle sculpting!

If you want each of your face flaws to look great, you need to try the French hair up do for a mesmerizing look.

If you are looking or a cool hairstyle which is straight from the 60’s go for this amazing French pin up do which is cool, refreshing and simply awesome!


The beehives are quite popular hairstyles followed in different ways these days.

The half up half down beehives and full beehives have been rocking the ramps during early 60’s and have made a cool space in women’s hearts!

The beehive hairstyles can make you look more lengthy and slimmer and would also redefine your face! Try this super cool hairstyle and look dazzling!

Half Up Hairstyle

If you want a hairstyle that will allow you to flaunt your beautiful hair but also keep a trendy hairsdo then the half up hairstyle is perfect for you

If you have beautiful and gorgeous curls at the end and you love to carry a stunning up do, this is the hairstyle which would get you both!

Try this and fall in love with your super smashing hairstyle straight from the 60’s era this season!

Hippie Messy Hair Band Style

We love the cute band studded hairstyles and this amazing trendy hairstyle from the 60’s would steal our heart!

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Go for a stunning cool banded hairstyle, if you are too confused regarding the hairstyle, and rock the ramps with your charm!

Tied Hair Up Do With Bow

Bows are feminine and gracious. If you are looking for cool hairstyles from the 60’s, what can be more amazing than a cool up do with a bow?

This perfectly amazing hairstyle would suit any occasion and would make you look flattering.

Go for this hairstyle and look adorable as never before!

60’s Cool Hair Bangs

Bangs are flawless and with this thick and beautiful hair you can get a gracious and killer look with the bangs hairstyle.

Go for a pretty bangs hairstyle and you would look years younger with your gorgeous hairstyle!

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