7 Stylish Peep Toes For This Season

With the summers and the monsoons coming together, no one would want to wear heels unless circumstances call for. Peep toes have been in trend for quite some time now and the best part about them is that they provide relief to your feet while giving you good designs to wear at the same time. Peep Toes come in various styles; they may come in heels or flats as the case may be. Therefore, you have various options as to when you should chose to wear them during a formal event or in duration of a casual outing. Let us provide you with some options available in peep toes that can come handy to you while you go out and flaunt your outfits, they are as follows.

Below Are The 7 Stylish Peep Toes For This Season:

1. The Red Tops

Red has been color of royal look. So while you enter a function on a formal invite, you can always use this pair to get yourself the attention. The Red peep toes with heels would look great with a red gown and red lipstick, all red will provide you with the theme of the event i.e. Royal at its best.

The Red tops

2. The Elegant Creme

Another one to wear during an outdoor event are the crème colored peep toes. With the long gown worn of similar color, these peep toes pair can prove to be of vital essence as they would give you the elegance to walk and flaunt your colors around; somewhat you surely will look like an angel down from the heaven.

The elegant creme

3. The Yellow Submarine Peep Toes

Coming to the flat options of peep toes, the ones in the yellow will look bright and beautiful. The sharp color of this pair when worn with other bright colors (provided by Chanel) will make you look cheerful and lively. Ladies looking for peep toes to wear without heels, this could be an option for you while being casual.

The yellow submarine peep toes

4. The Silver Fox

Talking about looking flashy and classy, the silver pair Peep toes can be very handy. Gucci has been the forerunner in providing such a pair to the ladies and the best part about them is that they can be worn with most of the colors. Shine bright in front of others and carry your mark around gracefully.

The Silver Fox

5. Black Beauty

Coming to the classiest colors off all, the black peep toes with a square shape opening can be sophisticated with most of the outfits worn. Another feather to the hat is provided by the features of this color is that it can be worn in both heels and flats, on both the occasions giving you the best results.

Black Beauty

6. The Net Peeps

Banana Republic has been in the market for decades and it hasn’t failed it customers when it comes to footwear. The special edition of peep toes with netted side surface can be worn in both casual and formal occasions, giving you class on the two. The different and uniqueness created by the style of this pair will make you stand class apart.

The net peeps

7. Denim Blue

By the name, the peep toes are made of cloth looking similar to the stuff used in Denim Jeans and blue in color. Bending towards a more casual wear, these can be worn at any place and at any time (except on formal occasions) be that with jeans or shorts or 3/4ths and what not; a must have in your footwear collection.

Denim Blue