7 Stylish Velvet Shoes You Must Have

There is something more to fall fashion rather than just piling up layers and layers of clothing on to your body on a given day. While the heavy sweaters and the jackets crave to be kept in the drawers this fall season, do you know the flavour of the season? It is none other than velvet shoes in the range of velvet sneakers, flirty eve wears and flats which will take you ahead of all the other fashionista across the street. Want to know more? Read on to know about some of the best pairs of velvet shoes that you will crush on this fall season.

Below Are The 7 Stylish Velvet Shoes You Must Have:

1. Velvet Flats From Shopbop

Velvets are best for footwear and when the option is as sleek and perfect as this blue flat option from the house of Shopbop with the old Roman look yet stylish present day touch, you can simply never say no to it. Pocket pinch for this one is 675 US dollars.

2. Saint Laurent Velvet Boot

Who does not love boots in velvet and in a wine red colour? Every woman would vouch for this option, isn’t it? Thus, here we are with the Saint Laurent Babies Velvet Ankle length boot option tagged at a range of 845 US dollars, which you simply cannot say no to.

3. Velvet Pencil Heel Sling Back Fromtopshop

A perfect silver ensemble from the house of Topshop priced at 75 US Dollars is a must have this fall season not only due to its affordable price range but also due to the lovely velvet pick of greyish silver which can adorn any party with elegance.

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4. Velvet Flats From Prada

When Prada lays its hand on something, you need to believe that it must be in fashion at the moment. This lovely velvet flat is just another example of what this brand stands for where the perfect blend of black and red makes your day perfectly. Pocket pinch is 750 US dollars.

5. Velvet Sneakers From Zara

Velvets are in and it is true when you see Zara manufacturing sneakers in the same material and that too in wondrous colour of violet maroons. This is a wonder element to add to your fall collection for a fun afternoon or a party which is not too formal. Pocket ping here is minimal at 40 US dollars, so rejoice!

6. Velvet Peep Toe From Jimmy Choe

Another rather big brand name in the shoe world which have carved a niche for themselves in the years, Jimmy Choe have also taken up the fall season velvet crush and came up with their collection of peep toes which are pencil heeled velvet option in brown hue and where the look and the feel all are just amazing. Pair this with dresses and rock the evening or be the show stopper. Pinching yes on the pockets at 895 US dollars!

7. Velvet Pumps From ManoloBlahnik

We can never conclude talking about shoes without mentioning the like of pumps where the perfect kind of velvet pumps have been made by ManoloBlahnik and looks sultry and great for the evening dates. Priced at a range of 695 US dollars, you can feel like Cinderella wearing this black velvet number.

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The above mentioned velvet shoes will surely going to add style in your life. These shoes are available to you near by branded stores at an affordable price for some. So, try them out and flaunt yourself confidently.

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