7 Tips For Oil Free Eye Makeup

The skin of different people is certainly different from others. Some have oily skin while some have a naturally dry skin. Some have mixed skin type where some area is extremely oily and some are dry. The people with oily skin face a problem of the extremely oily eyelids. Not only for in the people with oily skin, but the people with dry skin also face the same problem of oily eyelids during summers and moist weather.

Especially girls face a lot of trouble when it comes to makeup. The oily eyelids are the foremost reason which can ruin and spoil your entire make up and look. The perfectly applied and beautiful makeup sometimes gets spoilt due to the oily lids and makes your face tacky and imperfect. If you too have been looking for the remedies through which you can get rid of the oily eyelids, here are some promising suggestions which would surely work wonders for you.

Below Are The 7 Tips For Oil Free Eye Makeup:

1. Use Oil Free Makeup Remover

If you are a makeup pro, you must love to have beautiful and stunning makeup in your routine. No doubts the makeup enhances the beauty and glory of your entire face and personality but it must be noted that the makeup must also get removed properly. Use the no oil based make up removers to reduce the amount of oiliness from your eyelids. This would make your eyes balanced and no greasy.

2. Do Not Liquid Or Gel Foundation Or Concealers On Your Eyelids

The liquid or gel based foundations and concealers are generally developed of the greasy and oily substances which make the eyelids greasier. If you want an even tone and want to hide the marks and patches, use the Compact or powder based products on your eyes to make them non greasy and flawless.

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3. Use Translucent Powder On The Eyelids

The translucent powders would make your eye lids absorb all the oily need and would provide you amazing and balanced beautiful eyelids. The translucent powder would soak all the oiliness ad would get you an opportunity to apply the makeup perfectly on your eyes and make your eye makeup settle down easily. Try this awesome trick and make your eyelids look mesmerizing.

4. Use Eye Shadow Prime

The eyeshadow primers would make your eyelids get dry and settles. If you face a problem of extremely oily and greasy lids when you apply some makeup, this trick is worth using. The primers let the eye makeup settle in a beautiful manner making odour skin oil and grease free. Get branded eyeshadow primer and make your makeup last long and look flawless.

5. Use The Stunning Glittery And Powder Based Eye Shadow

The glossy and oil based eye shadows makes the eyelids more oily and sticky and also it ruins the entire makeup look. If you already have oily eyelids and are in a moist and hot area, you must not use the oil or gel based shadow. Instead use the stunning and glorious powder based glitter shadows for a more dramatic and beautiful finish.

6. Brush In The Powder And Shadow

Brushing could get you rid of the irritating oily and greasy eyelids problem. The brushing technique would make your eyelids dry while removing all the access oil. Thus apply powder and brush your eye shadows for a non greasy and settled eye makeup.

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7. Use The Pencil Eyeliners

Using the pencil liners would make your eyelids look stylish, perfectly sculpted and beautiful. The extreme oiliness and greasiness would get locked with the stunning pencil liners. Avoid the gel based liners or use the gel liners which can soon get dry, just like the Mac liners.

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